Which Door Do You Think Leads to Happiness?

Open The Door That Leads To Your Happiness

Look closely at the doors before you and take note of each and every detail; the color, shape and design. After careful observation, which do you think would give you the utmost joy after crossing the doorstep?

1. Choosing to open the BLUE door means:

You are more of a giver than a taker. You are seen as the helper whose success in life relies on the bonds formed with your small circle of colleagues. You prefer having just a few friends by your side, rather than opening up to a lot of people and having your heart torn to pieces. Choosing the blue door means you are honest, trustworthy and loyal. You do not seek attention but instead work quietly and prefer making peace rather than retaliating. To some people you may come off as hard due to your tough exterior, but behind it is a wonderful soul longing for true happiness and real love. And once you find them, you will feel peace.

2. Choosing to open the PURPLE door means:

Glory and power are two things you consider important! You are free-spirited, determined and strong-willed. You come off as controlling and people often find you intimidating. Still, you have a kind heart and you deserve true love. When it comes to relationships, you’re pretty much the whole package- mysterious, seductive and strong!

You will come across many challenging situations but all you need to do is look inside, stay in your heart and find the bravery to face them head on. Once you find this inner strength, you will achieve peace.

3. Choosing to open the RED door means:

You are quite the popular person! Animated and energetic; this is why most people are attracted to your infectious energy and bubbly personality. You are competitive and you feel the need to be rewarded and respected for a job well done. Despite coming off as aggressive, you are actually down to earth and compassionate.

Friends and family members commend your empowering and positive attitude. As a lover, you are very sexy and above average! After all, red is the color of passion and power.

4. Choosing to open the OWL door means:

Indeed you are a curious and unique person. If not, then you wouldn’t have chosen the door with such a unique pattern. You give off this splendid energy and amazing individuality that people find attractive. Most of all, you are independent.

Your family and friends treasure you because of your big heart and tender personality. Those of the opposite sex are drawn to you, which is not surprising, given your boldness and self-confidence. Like an owl, you are selfless and you take pride in being the hero. And because of this, you will be blessed with a luxurious life and great fortune.