9 Reasons Why Sagittarians Make The Best Friends Ever

Sagittarians are wonderful people who make great, great companions. Often curious and energetic, they love to travel and have positive and magnetic personalities. Their open minds and philosophical views motivate them to wander around the world, searching for the meaning of life, and making great friends along the way. Sagittarians are enthusiastic and are some of the best friends you can ever find.

Are you a Sagittarian or do you have a Sagittarian friend?

Here Are 9 Reasons Why Sagittarians Make The Best Friends Ever

1. Admit It Or Not, Sagittarians Are The Life Of Every Party. They Infuse Energy Wherever They Go

Sagittarians are the life of the party and everyone around them is invited to join in. They have a unique ability to synchronize the energy of a party to match the high energy of their souls. Sagittarians shine and their charisma captivates others, it’s common for them to be the center of attention without really trying.

2. There Are No Dull Moments Around A Sagittarian

With a quick and witty sense of humor, they make sure everyone is laughing and having a good time. If you think of the friend who makes you laugh the most, chances are they are a Sagittarian. They openly express their inner child, giving them a timing and quality like that of a small child that allows ordinary things to become sweet and humorous.

3. They’re Great Conversationalists

People often find themselves talking to Sagittarians for hours on end at social gatherings for what seems like no reason. They always have interesting things to share with others, and are also curious to know and learn from others as well. Be sure that if you’re ever feeling down, a chat with a Saggitarian can cheer you right up.

4. They Are Some Of The Most Loyal Friends You Can Ever Have

Those who already have a Sagittarian friend know that they’re some of the most loyal friends you can find. They’ll support your dreams, and encourage you towards following where your heart leads you. Sagittarians are very passionate people, and if they notice you have a passion for something, they’ll go to amazing distances as your friend to help you achieve your goals. They’re always by your side and will never leave you behind; the archer helps to lift you up.

5. They’re Direct And Will Tell You What You Need To Hear

Sagittarian friends are excellent conversationalists and have a warm and joyful sense of humor. They often don’t hold back when something important needs to be talked about, combining raw truth with a little warm humor. They’re straight-shooters and won’t beat around the bush, and have a seemingly magical way of being able to communicate important yet difficult things without offending you. What’s said is often what you need to hear, and they’ll also speak up for you if or when you feel you can’t.

6. They’re Simple, Enjoyable People Who Would Rather Enjoy The Moment Than Argue About Anything

While they’ll always listen to your feelings, issues and what’s going on in your life, when it comes to personal disagreements, they would rather let it slide and move on to enjoying your time together. Sagittarians are open about their feelings and don’t hold onto anything that would be considered drama. They won’t hold grudges. They enjoy spending their time getting to know you on a deep level, and once they know you inside and out, they’ll use this knowledge to help you bring out your own inner joy and power.

7. They’re Extremely Adventurous

They’ll pull you out of your own little bubble and into the real world. Fire signs can be volatile and they can be a little crazy fun. It’s this bit of crazy fun that everyone needs in their life to some degree. Sagittarians love to travel and will be the first of your friends to be up for an adventure. Whether it’s a spontaneous road trip, going camping or zip-lining through the rainforest, they’re always ready.

8. They’re Incredibly Kind To Their Friends

It could be offering to lend you money when you need it, or offering to give you a ride somewhere you need to go that’s two hours out of their way, but Sagittarians are very, very kind to their friends. They consider their friends to be family, and treasure their happiness as much as their own. Being a social butterfly means that their circle needs to be happy as well for them to enjoy life. While sometimes unpredictable in their schedules, you can count on them when you really need them.

9. They’re Free Spirits. They’ll Liberate You.

Just as the positivity of a Sagittarian is contagious, so is their free spirit. Their openness and overflowing positive energy opens their friends as well. Those who feel trapped by their day-to-day routines experience a wonderful and refreshing freedom and liberation when spending time with a Sagittarian friend. Their personality will liberate you and remind you exactly what it feels like to do what you know in your heart YOU want to do.

Are you a Sagittarius or do you have a Sagittarian friend?

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