Kind 7th Grader Gave Up His Christmas Present Money To Buy New Shoes For Bullied Classmate

A kind 7th grader used his Christmas money to get new shoes for a friend at school who was being bullied for his old pair.

12-year-old Mello Earley saw his friend at school, 12-year-old Melvin Anderson, getting teased and bullied by other students because he was wearing old and worn out sneakers.

Photo credit: Bryant Brown Jr

“So I’ve seen Melvin getting picked on because his shoes are outdated in a way like I started feeling bad for him,” 12-year-old Mello said. “I could tell it was upsetting him. It just put a real bad ache in my stomach to see somebody have to go through that, and to be to be picked on just based off appearance.”

Mello was so upset about the way his friend was being treated that he called his mom crying after school.

“I was on the phone with my mom, and I was crying, and I was like, I’m sick and tired of these kids bullying my friend. I just really need to talk to you because my friend is getting bullied and I’m tired of it.”

While talking with his mom they were thinking about what they could do, and Mello asked if he could use his allowance, or if instead of getting Christmas presents this year, to instead go and buy a new pair of shoes for his friend.

“[I wanted] just to go and get him some shoes, and that’s what we did,” he said.

Mello’s mom agreed and they went to the store that night and bought a brand new pair of nice Nikes for Melvin.

“The next day I gave him the shoes,” Mello said.

Photo credit: Bryant Brown Jr

When Mello gave Melvin the shoes the next day at school, he was both surprised and deeply grateful.

“I’m grateful and happy,” Melvin said. “It’s just like I’m lost for words, and I was very happy, and I’m very grateful, and I want to thank him so much for what he did for me.”

Melvin loves his new shoes, and told his friend that he was going to start trying to save up some money to pay him back, but Mello said he doesn’t want to be paid back.

“I’m really appreciative of what he did for me,” said Melvin. “I’m doing chores at home so I can earn some money to try and pay him back for what what he did for me.”

“You don’t have to pay me back,” Mello said, while turning to his friend. “That’s just a gift from me to you.”

Putting his arm around Mello, Melvin said, “This is my man … right here.”

The Dean of culture at their school, Bryant Brown Jr, found out from Melvin what Mello had done for him, and he was also deeply moved. He shared a photo online of Melvin with his new shoes, and many in the community were touched by how kind a 12-year-old had been towards his friend. A local sporting goods store, Hibbett Sports, learned of Mello’s kindness and gave both of the young men a year’s supply of free sneakers and each a $1000 gift card.

Mello, Melvin and school staff. Photo credit: Bryant Brown Jr

“At my old school, throughout all the grades I was picked on because of my height,” said Mello, who is 4 feet, 6 inches tall. “And that made me think about how nobody else should have to go through how I felt.”

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