Kind Man Buys All Of The Santa Hats At Stores And Then Donates Them To Children’s Hospitals For Christmas

When asked why he had so many Santa hats in his carts, a kind man shared that he donates them to children’s hospitals for Christmas each year.

A customer was in line at Walmart when he noticed the customer in front of him had two full carts full of Santa hats.

“Saw this guy at Wal-Mart buying ALL of their remaining Santa hats,” banginbowties shared in a post online. “When I asked what he was buying them for he said “I do this every year after Christmas and donate them to children’s hospitals for next year.””

Photo credit: banginbowties

Thousands of hearts online have appreciated the man’s kindness.

“That’s so cool! My son was born on Christmas Eve. He needed some medical attention so he had to go to the nursery, and when they brought him back he was sleeping in a Christmas stocking. Cutest thing ever,” commented one grateful heart.

“Such a sweet idea,” shared another.

“What a good guy. Really cheered me up,” wrote annette2019.


You are Loved.

Watch this video of the secret Santa of Kansas city who hands out $100 bills to strangers:

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