Kind Stranger Bought Cashier A Slip-And-Slide After Hearing Her Say She Couldn’t Find One For Her Kids

After hearing a cashier mention that she wasn’t able to find a slip-and-slide anywhere for her kids, a kind stranger went out and bought one for her.

Bri Collins was working at a Dollar Tree in Lubbock, Texas, and had a quick and casual conversation with a customer as she was scanning her items.

“I work at dollar tree as a cashier. I was casually talking to a customer about how I went to go buy a pool for my kids the other night, and I couldn’t find one anywhere,” Bri shared in a post online.

After a little small talk, the customer left and Bri continued checking out other customers in line, but about half an hour later, the same customer walked back into the store with a gift.

“She leaves. Then maybe 20-30 minutes later comes back with a Kohls bag with a slip and slide for my babies ??” Bri shared.

Bri was deeply touched by the woman’s thoughtfulness and kindness; going out of her way for a stranger who she didn’t even know.

Photo credit: Bri Collins

“I almost cried. I said, ‘awe… you didn’t have to…’ and thanked her.”

Many hearts online appreciated the stranger’s random act of kindness for Bri.

“Priceless! Best story in a while! She must be a Guardian Angel!” wrote Deborah L.

“People are amazing!” commented Lisa W.

“I am sure the woman enjoyed giving it as much as you did receiving it. This makes the world a better place??” wrote Donna N.

“Just love these acts of kindness?” wrote Barbara B.

“Thank you for sharing. These stories are what’s getting me through life right now. I need to know there are still good people out there…” commented Sue S.

“Kindness, it never gets old or out of style. You will pay it forward some day ❤️” wrote Sherry C.

You are Loved.

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