Kind Stranger Gave Car To Young Man Who Was Working Full Time To Support Siblings After Losing His Grandma

A kind stranger gave a new car to a young man who dropped out of school in order to work and provide for his siblings.

Two and a half years ago, Isaiha and his siblings were sent to live with their grandma in Idaho. Isaiha was going to high school, playing hockey and he also worked at McDonalds in order to help his grandma afford taking care of him and his brother and sister.

Photo credit: East Idaho News

Yet his grandmother was unable to afford all of their bills, so Isaiha decided to drop out of school and work full time in order to help everyone. His grandma was diagnosed with cancer this past year and shortly after passed away. Isaiha’s brother also lost his life a month later.

Isaiha and his sister were left alone, but after months of depression, she was able to help him climb out of it. He has been working to save enough money to get his own place to live, and he had purchased a used car to be able to drive to work, but it broke down one week after he had bought it. Since then, he walks more than 2 miles to work.

After hearing about his story, a kind stranger donated $1000 for insurance, registration, and gave enough to buy a new car for Isaiha. They gave the money anonymously to East Idaho News, who then presented it to Isaiha.

Photo credit: East Idaho News

“Is that for real?” Isaiha asked.

“It’s for real,” Nate Eaton told him as he presented him the gift box with the keys inside.

Photo credit: East Idaho News

Isaiha is a sweet and humble young man, and was speechless when receiving his Secret Santa gifts. As he sat in his new car’s driver’s seat, the young man who has suffered so much smiled from ear to ear and said a heartfelt thank you.

“Thank you guys, I appreciate it so much…” Isaiha said.

Photo credit: East Idaho News

Watch this heartwarming video of sweet Isaiha receiving his brand new car:

Thousands of hearts online were moved by Isaiha and the stranger’s kindness.

“Poor kid. What a sweet quiet young man. I’m so happy for him,” commented Jenn R.

“My tears are flowing. I wanted to reach thru my phone & give this young man a huge hug,” shared Karen J.

“He’s so humble. That kid has been through a lot. It’s beautiful to see a brother and sister so loving to each other. What kind souls. I hope he can get into hockey again and back to his education. Secret Santa did an awesome job with this young man,” wrote C. Smith.

You are Loved.

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