Kind Stranger Paid For Laptop And One Year’s Rent For Recovering Father Who Has Been Sober For 5 Years

After learning that a recovering father has been sober for five years and is now looking to go back to school for counseling, a kind stranger bought him a new laptop and paid one year’s worth of his rent.

Nick has been recovering from an alcohol and drug addiction for the past five years. He has an 11-month-old daughter who he is raising on his own, and he works a full time job delivering pizza. He doesn’t have much family in his area in Idaho, and while he loves his daughter with all his heart, caring for a newborn by himself while waking up at 4am each day for work has been a struggle over the past year.

Photo credit: East Idaho News

Nick has not only spent the past five years recovering himself, but he also volunteers as a peer support and recovery coach at J&M Mental Health, and he wants to go back to school to study social work and to get a degree in counseling.

A kind stranger wanted to help Nick, so they donated enough to pay for a new laptop for him and they also paid for one year’s worth of his rent. East Idaho News ordered a pizza from Nick’s Dominos, and when he arrived, they presented him with his surprise Secret Santa gifts.

Photo credit: East Idaho News

Nick was deeply grateful, and did his best to hold back tears.

“There’s so many more people that need it, than I do,” Nick selflessly said.

“Well it’s for you,” Nate Eaton, who presented him with the gifts, said.

Photo credit: East Idaho News

When asked how he would encourage others who may be in a similar situation, Nick said to “Just keep moving forward.”

“Just keep moving forward. Pushing forward. And… it’s hard, but it’s worth it,” Nick said.

Photo credit: East Idaho News

Watch this heartwarming video as Nick is surprised with one year’s worth of rent during his pizza delivery:

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