4 Heartfelt Lessons Of Kindness From The Netflix Christmas Movie ‘Klaus’

Klaus is a new animated Netflix Christmas movie, and may just be the heartwarming “come together” movie we all need to see right now.

‘Klaus’ is a new take on how Santa Claus came into existence, and the messages of love and kindness come flowing in during the second half of the movie. Mixed with a good amount of humor, this animated children’s movie is deeply appreciated by adults as well.

To those who haven’t seen this wonderful movie yet, the following does contain potential spoilers from the story of the movie which help to illustrate its lessons on kindness.

Here are 4 Heartfelt lessons of kindness from the movie Klaus:

1. Those who have suffered loss are often some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet.

In the movie, Klaus is an older man who dreamed of having a family with his wife when he was younger. They were unable to have children, and after she passed, he felt lost and alone. Joy comes to Klaus when he decides to give one of the toys he’d built for his planned-for-children to another child, who had drawn him a picture showing how sad the child felt.

The sorrow and loss Klaus felt caused him to become a neverending heart overflowing with love for children living in dark times who needed a good amount of cheering up.

2. “A true selfless act always sparks another.”

After the children begin receiving Klaus’ gifts of kindness, the violence and fighting in their town began to be replaced by acts of goodwill towards one another. Sharing kindness with each child led to the children in turn helping others, ultimately transforming the generations of hatred between the clans in their town into loving their neighbors. Klaus knew this when he told Jesper that, “A true selfless act always sparks another.” This is a profound lesson we can all learn in how to overcome divides and to build bridges of love with one another.

3. Learn from the kindhearted and pure nature of children.

The children in the movie have their own imaginative ways of interpreting how and why they are receiving gifts from Mr. Klaus. They begin to piece together that if they behave well towards one another, they have a greater chance of receiving a gift. Children love to play, and they love toys, so helping one another for a reward comes naturally to them. The pure, tender and kind nature of children can be a guide for us all to learn from, regardless of our age or education.

4. Life can become much more meaningful when we warmly let go of our desires for material wealth and work towards creating a better world for everyone.

The postman Jesper begins the movie as the son of a wealthy business owner. He has everything he desires in life, but is then forced to work in a remote winter village to prove to his father that he’s a capable man. While he first dreads not having his morning latte and silk sheets, he later begins helping spread joy to the children in the village, and his life begins to feel meaningful: he has found something he loves to do.

By the end of the movie when his approving father comes to take him back home to his rich lifestyle, Jesper prefers to stay in the cold remote village, where he is surrounded by the people he’s grown to love (especially his little friend Margu!).

Klaus is a wonderful movie and is definitely worth seeing. It does have a little bit of a dark Tim Burton movie vibe during some of the animation, and there is a decent amount of Tom & Jerry cartoon violence in the beginning, but it comes together well by the end. Parents have left reviews saying they appreciated the movie, some said that children 5 and under found the beginning a little scary but warmed up to the movie during the second half, and some with children around 7 and older said they all loved it. The movie’s ending scene song about kindness is quite beautiful as well. Overall, ‘Klaus’ contains many beautiful lessons of kindness, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself needing a few tissues.

You are Loved.

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