13-Yr-Old Did Yard Work And Sold His Own Xbox To Get His Single Mother A Car

After some difficult times and recently starting their life over, Krystal June Preston and her three children moved to Nevada with the hope of something better. Yet being a single mom of three, it hasn’t been easy, especially since Krystal did not have a means of transportation.

To her surprise, her oldest son, 13-year-old William Preston, had a plan to help his loving mother.

“At my low point, here comes my son,” Krystal said. “Everybody goes through rough patches in their life, but there’s good that can come from any situation as long as somebody with a heart does it.”

William did something to help his mom that most have never heard of a 13-year-old doing.

“I have no words right now that can express how I am feeling at this moment,” Krystal shared. “I’m in complete shock… The last couple weeks have literally been hell filled with so many tears, anger, confusion and heart ache. Today I got the shock of my life… As some of you may know my son William, who is a lawn mowing, yard cleaning, money making machine. Well my son had a job today that he had to go do and so I allowed him to go assuming it was like any other time. Well this time was different. Very different.”

William had been working in order to help his mom get a car.

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“William came home and said, ‘Mom I bought you a car’
I of course laughed and told him ‘Ya, right!’
He said, ‘No mom I’m so serious I bought you a car. Come on we have to go.’
I’m at this point confused and skeptical and I said, ‘Go where?’
He said, ‘With this lady.’”

Krystal did not believe what William was saying, but as she followed him outside, there was a woman waiting outside.

“And much to my surprise I go in my front yard and OMG there is a woman standing there and as William said she was giving us a ride.
William jumps in the car so I’m like ok?? This is some kind of joke right. No one speaks really…. So… as I’m still thinking at this point still a joke. We pull up to this house and William says, ‘Mom that’s your car.’”

After pulling up to the house and seeing the car her son was talking about, Krystal broke down in tears.

“I completely lost it. I started bawling my eyes out… I am speechless… my 13-year-old son bought me a car,” she said.

Photo credit: Krystal June Preston

William had seen a woman selling an affordable car online in his area, and he offered to trade her his Xbox, as well as do as much yard work as she needed, in exchange for the car. At first the woman declined his offer, but she later thought about it and messaged him back saying that she agreed. William had since been doing yard work for the kind woman.

“He did some work for this woman and that was his payment that he worked out with her. And here I thought it was a joke… Nope I was handed the keys and paperwork to the car and I’m freaking out but so in shock like OMG this is happening right now. So, we got into the car it started right up and off we went,” Krystal shared.

Krystal was deeply proud and appreciative of her son’s kind heart and his loving desire to help his mom.

“I am so proud of my son. He is such a good kid. He may have his days but OMG what 13-year-old kid do you know that buys his mom a car… William I love you son and thank you. You have such a big heart and I love you.”

Many hearts online appreciated William’s act of kindness for his mom and said that they too wanted to help, so a GoFundMe was organized and has since raised $13,000 to help their family.

“Young man, you have no idea what a fantastic thing you did out of love, kindness and hard work for your mom! That put’s you right up there with the best! Wishing you a very bright future! God Bless!” commented Robert A.

“Love the story, it brought tears to my eyes. Also, should thank the woman who provided the car for work rather than cash. She saw a need and helped the young man to earn what he needed. God Bless them all,” commented Ronna F.

“God bless this young man. He has learned hard work and kindness at a very early age. So proud of him. Thank you for sharing,” wrote Joyce R.

“What an amazing young boy, it clearly shows how much his mom means to him and one she can be so proud of!” wrote May O.

You are Loved.

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