7 Things To Tell Your Partner Every Day to Improve Your Level Of Intimacy

What we say in a relationship contributes significantly towards which path it will take. The daily words we choose, what we decide to communicate, and how we say it, all play an important role in terms of how we feel for each other. A healthy relationship with strong levels of intimacy needs daily reminders of love for one another.

Intimacy in a relationship is the understanding that it is safe to be open and honest with a partner about our deep, and often unexpressed personal thoughts and feelings. Being listened to and supported during vulnerable times, understanding each other’s ideas and beliefs, and being close and affectionate are all potential ways to show and develop intimacy.

One of the world’s leading experts on intimacy within relationships, psychologist Robert Sternberg, through research came to the following conclusion and definition of intimacy; “intimacy refers to those feelings in a relationship that promote closeness, bondedness and connectedness. Our research indicates that it includes, among other things, feelings of (a) desire to promote the welfare of the loved one, (b) experienced happiness with the loved one, (c) high regard for the loved one, (d) being able to count on the loved one in times of need, (e) mutual understanding with the loved one, (f) sharing of one’s self and one’s possessions with the loved one, (g) receipt of emotional support from the loved one, (h) giving of emotional support to the loved one, (I) intimate communication with the loved one, and (j) valuing the loved one in one’s life” (Sternberg & Grajek, 1984).

High levels of intimacy are greatly desired in a relationship, and intimate relationships play a central role in the overall human experience.

Here Are 7 Things To Tell Your Partner Every Day to Improve Your Level Of Intimacy

1. “I Thought Of You Today When…”

It’s heartwarming to know that you were in your partner’s mind as they went about their day. It makes one feel appreciated, loved, and special. It shows that your partner desires to be with you when the two of you are apart.

2. “How Are You Feeling?”

In order to have close emotional bonds with one another, it’s important to understand how your partner is feeling on a daily basis. We often we assume everything is okay, and go about our regular conversation with each other, without realizing that our partner may be tired, thinking deeply about something that happened to them that day, or simply just having a headache. People sometimes choose to deal with these things on their own, and don’t want to worry their partner with the small discomforts they experienced that day. Yet it’s important to open up emotionally in order to understand, support, and really care for each other.

3. “Thank You”

Gratitude works wonders within relationships, and can bring intimacy, as well as happiness levels to new heights. Saying ‘Thank You’ shows your high regard for your partner, and recognizes their thoughtful efforts in a positive way. Regardless of how long you’ve been together, it’s always important to thank each other for their time, patience, and everything that they do for you.

4. “You Look Beautiful/Handsome”

Always let your partner know how beautiful they are to you. Praise your lover and make them feel special, validated, wanted, and loved. Try to realize and lovingly recognize small changes, or even new clothes or new ways they wear their hair, all to show them that you aren’t bored of them and that they are just as beautiful as the day the two of you met.

5. “Do You Need Anything?”

Relationships are all about lovingly meeting each other’s needs and enjoying life together. Help make sure your partner has their needs met, and ask them to make sure you understand what their needs are. It feels wonderful to have our needs met, and being able to openly communicate with our partner what we deeply need can really improve levels of intimacy.

6. “So, This Happened Today…“

Keep your partner involved in your life and let them know something about your daily experience. Being aware of each other’s activities during the day helps bring the two of you together. Sharing your story with your lover also shows them that you value their opinion.

7. “I Remember That Day When…”

Take a trip down memory lane every now and then. Reminiscing about old days of love is a very beautiful exercise for couples. It brings you closer, and strengthens intimacy. It is also adorable when you realize that your partner paid enough attention to remember the small details of the time the two of you spent together. Keep going back to your first date, or to your first anniversary, or to your honeymoon, and smile with joy at how far you both have come.

Is there something loving that you say to your partner each day that has helped your relationship?

Let us know in the comments.

You are loved.

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