While On The LA Metro, Three Separate Tattooed Young Men Came To Help Hold A Stranger’s Wheelchair Steady

While most of us are in a hurry to get from point A to point B during our busy day, a passenger on the Los Angeles Metro witnessed several beautiful acts of kindness, restoring their faith in humanity.

This woman sat in a wheelchair, which moved and rocked back and forth as the railcar made turns and stopped at each station.

It’s not easy using public transportation for those who are disabled or wheelchair bound. Not only is it nearly impossible to board a train or a bus without assistance, it takes a large amount of time navigating the way to wheelchair accessible areas, and finding elevators and paths without stairwells. Then once on the train or bus, there is often very little in securing the wheelchair and keeping it from shaking and moving during the ride.

It was while watching this woman’s wheelchair moving on the Metro that one after another, three young men came up and helped her by holding the wheelchair steady.

Passenger Mike Byrney witnessed the act of compassion, and took a quick photo and shared the story:

“I’m on the LA metro, coming through Compton. I’ve seen 3 separate people, all gang tatted up, hold this woman’s wheelchair steady without her even asking. Faith in humanity restored.”

A few young men, who more often than not may be judged for their appearance, opened the hearts of tens of thousands as this photo was shared far and wide across social media.

If you see someone who could use a hand this week, consider taking a moment to help them. It’s small acts of kindness that restore people’s faith in humanity.

“If you judge people, you have no time to love them.”
~Mother Teresa

You are loved.

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