Fun Test: Your Sitting Position Reveals Your Personality

Body language is a form of nonverbal and often unconscious communication in which physical behaviors, rather than words, are used to express or convey information. For millions of years, our ancestors navigated through life and survived by working together in groups. They effectively communicated their needs, observations and desires with each other, and before the use of language this was all done using different forms of nonverbal communication through body language. These ancient mechanisms still remain with us today and can give interesting clues about our feelings and personalities.

Body language often plays an important role in job interviews, on dates, in relationships and in social gatherings. According to Dr. Paul Eckman, how we sit is often overlooked when it comes to body language, as most people pay attention to facial expressions and hand gestures rather than the legs. While we are often unconscious about which position we choose to sit down in, there’s something we can learn about ourselves when it comes to the body language of our legs.

In this fun test, have a seat and notice how you naturally place your legs, then read below to see what it possibly reveals about your personality:

Position 1

If you find yourself regularly sitting in this position, it shows that you are an honest and trustworthy person who is also sometimes unsure of themselves. The wider stance of the feet relates to telling the truth, while the inverted positioning of the feet relates to an unsure personal position.

People who frequently sit in position 1 are often very interested in others and are the kind of people that you love to talk to. They have great listening skills and are wonderful supporters. A little quirky, spontaneous, and with a great sense of humor, you’re always entertained when you’re with them.

Position 2

If you prefer to sit with your legs crossed, it shows that you tend to be more reserved and take your time before choosing who to trust. If the knees point towards the person in front of you it can indicate honesty, and if they point away from the person it can represent discomfort or guardedness in conversation.

People who regularly sit in position 2 tend to be professionals who are ambitious, passionate and have a certain status in their careers. They are not likely to conform to the crowd but stand strong in confidence doing their own thing. Their standards are higher than the average person, and their quality of life reflects it. While not always willing to be vulnerable around others, they often will help those who really need it.

Position 3

People who prefer to sit in position 3 tend to be friendly, relaxed and generally happy with their lives. The open knees represent a general honesty and truthfulness while the feet close together can represent sensitivity and some level of introversion.

People who naturally sit in position 3 are easily approachable and are able to get along with just about anyone they meet. They’re dependable, highly liked by others, and have an inner peace that draws others to them. They’ve done a large amount of personal and emotional growth in their lives, and their heightened emotional intelligence allows them to be more understanding and compassionate towards others.

Position 4

If you find yourself comfortable sitting in position 4, then you are likely a straight-forward person who can be gentle and reserved, but when asked will tell it how it is and doesn’t beat around the bush. The legs both pointing forward represent honesty, while the feet close together represent a measure of being reserved and well-mannered.

Those who sit in position 4 are often minor perfectionists who feel most comfortable when things are in order. Highly responsible, intelligent, and on point describe them. They’re not fans of small talk but they can tolerate a decent amount of it. They spend as much time as they can out in nature, traveling or relaxing on the beach. New and interesting topics keep them motivated and passionate about life.

Position 5

Those who feel comfortable sitting in position 5 are dreamers and doers. They have wonderful imaginations, are goal-oriented, and when they set their hearts on something, nothing stands in their way from getting what they want. Their deep need for intimacy reflects their desire to share their loving ideas with, and ultimately, to help others. Relaxed but driven, calm but passionate, smiling but filled with the fire of love, these people are treasures to have as close friends.

Which sitting position do you feel most comfortable in?

Let us know in the comments.

You are Loved.

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