Here’s What You Need In Your Ideal Partner, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Growing up, we were made to believe that a big purpose in our lives is to find our perfect partner, or ‘soulmate’. As time goes on, we realize that it can actually be quite difficult to find that person.

Our zodiac sign provides some useful hints in helping us discover what kind of person we are compatible with and with whom we can have a truly happy relationship with.


You are going to need a partner who will not think twice about contradicting or opposing you. You’re not going to settle for the blind follower or passive type. Moreover, your partner should also possess the same level of intellect as you.


You will need a person who will rock your stable boat. You’ve been complacent with leaving things the way they are and you like to resist change. This will hinder growth and development. You have to realize that you can become more. Your partner shall help you understand this.


Your ideal partner helps you channel your energy and passion in the right direction. He/she will help you focus and keep you from getting distracted. Ultimately, they will provide you unending support and love.


You’ll need a person who you can be fully open to. From your deepest secrets to your guilty pleasures, they accept them wholeheartedly. No judgment.


This person shall help you in your self-discovery. They recognize the façade you keep when facing the world and shall help you lose the façade and unravel your true self. Your soulmate will love you for who you really are.


He/she will help you to believe in yourself and encourage you to really have compassion towards yourself. Most of the time you are too hard on yourself, and your soul mate realizes this. You need someone who can make you see the beauty of being you.


You need a partner who understands your need for solitude at times. One who understands that interacting with people can be really tiring for you. They give you the space you need, and when you return, there’s nothing but love.


You’ve had too much drama in your life mainly due to a lot of trust being broken. You are also afraid of making mistakes and being rejected. Your partner will be the one you can trust fully and will understand all of your issues.


The ability to embrace change and being adaptive are the qualities you need in a partner. You will not be satisfied with the mediocre type who doesn’t have much aspiration. Someone who can wander off with you is what you need.


Your soul mate shall be your guiding light towards discovering your real self. He/she will open your eyes to the things you didn’t even realize about yourself. Their gentle and tender demeanor allows your heart to open, and when it opens, you see.


You need a partner who is going to tell you straight about your ideas, and if they are less than ideal they are also able to advise you to drop them. But they will be your rock and support once you’ve decided on the path that’s true to your heart. The key word is direct; both honest and kind.


Yours will be quite easy to find. You just need someone who will inspire you and help you succeed in life. This person shall help you shake off all that negative thinking and make you focus on the positive. Find someone who is already doing what you’re passionate about, and watch your heart open to them.