6 Reasons Why Intelligent People Just Can’t Seem To Find Happiness

Intelligent people are quite complex. An awesome family life, an amazing partner, and a rocketing career might still not be enough to keep them happy.

Here are 6 reasons why these special people often have trouble finding happiness:

1. They are victims of overanalysis

Intelligent people often can’t help overthinking and overanalyzing many things in their lives. This can drain them and ends up taking a lot of energy. They can also get frustrated even over seemingly trivial matters when they are not done well. Intelligent people are also often affected by hyper-reflecting on global affairs and philosophical debates.

2. They want everything to match up to their high standards

These individuals tend to know 100% of what they want in life, and anything less just doesn’t please them or make them happy. When situations occur that don’t measure up to their standards, they feel disappointed. This applies to almost everything- from careers to relationships.

3. Intelligent people often judge themselves harshly

Their tendency to be too hard on themselves can keep them from finding the true happiness that comes from unconditional self-acceptance. They often blame themselves for whatever’s happening in their lives; a difficult result of accepting full responsibility over one’s life. Overthinking and very high standards also play into this. They sometimes let their past mistakes haunt them, and if left unchecked this habit can lead to reduced motivation.

4. They aim for big goals

Their goals are set quite high when compared with the average person. In fact, they are often seeking results of such magnitude that they often forget to appreciate the things they already have in life. A mediocre life seems boring to them, and they are in a constant search for greatness.

5. They’re not a fan of small talk

Intelligent people find it hard to find another individual who can truly understand them. They prefer not to indulge in small talk and would rather be involved in meaningful conversations. This can be the reason why they often feel lonely and misunderstood.

Certain studies have shown that intelligent individuals do not feel the need to socialize as much as the average person to feel satisfied with their lives. But this doesn’t mean they don’t crave a good conversation every once in a while.

6. They can sometimes develop psychological issues

Various studies have found a link between intelligent minds and psychiatric disorders, such as being bipolar and having social anxiety. The conclusion is not, however, that these disorders are direct side-effects of having an intelligent mind. The high amount of energy that goes into intense thinking often leaves emotional and physical balance by the wayside unless one has developed a balanced and healthy lifestyle to go along with their genius mind.

Intelligent minds ponder the meaning of their existence and the nature of the universe, and often wonder about if there is life after death. Since these questions cannot be answered by the mind, it can lead to overthinking.

If you are highly intelligent and have trouble finding happiness, take a few moments today and hop out of your brilliant mind, and instead rest your awareness in your heart. ‘Take heart’ as they say, and this will help you to avoid overthinking, and can also bring about sources of deep love into your genius.

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