The Kind Of Woman You Are According To Your Sleeping Position

Have you ever wondered about your sleeping patterns and why you fall asleep in a certain posture? Certain personality traits may actually be linked to the way you prefer to sleep. Studies conducted by the British hotel chain Premier Inn as well as by researcher Dr. Chris Idzikowski surveyed thousands of participants and mapped out their personality traits combined with their preferred sleeping positions. Read on to reveal what your sleeping position can reveal about you:

1. The Cuddler Position

If you often sleep cuddling something such as a pillow (or a person), and sleep above the covers, this could mean that you are a very trusting and loyal person. Those who sleep on their sides with their arms out made up around 13% of sleepers.

2. The Fetal Position

This position is reported to be the most popular, with a study done by British hotel chain Premier Inn reporting that 41% of women prefer to sleep this way. In this position, one lays on their side with the knees pulled towards the chest. It is considered to be an effort to comfort one’s self at the end of the day. Personality traits can include a ‘soft’ interior, but also a ‘tough’ exterior. People who sleep in the fetal position are shy but warm, and often are very organized in their daily lives.

3. Stomach Sleepers/Freefall Position

For stomach sleepers, also known as “free-fallers”, they love to hold on to their pillows with arms out to the sides. 7% of sleepers like to sleep this way, and they have personality traits such as being outgoing, anxious and often have a feeling of not being caught up in their day to day routine.

4. The Sky Diving Position

It is said that you are extremely open-minded if you tend to hug anything or everything when you sleep. This posture highlights how open you are to other people and their ideas. Because of this, they trust you easily. You may also be quite sensitive.

5. Back Sleeping Position

This position is when sleepers tend to lay flat on their backs with their arms near their body. Back sleepers can have problems with snoring and this can reduce the quality of the sleep they experience, but overall this position is best for pain prevention. People who sleep in this position were shown to have high expectations of others, and also to be quiet and reserved.

6. Side Sleeping Position

Side sleepers made up around 15% of the survey, and these people are often easy-going, trusting, at times gullible, and also have the habit of being inflexible in their ways of thinking.

7. The Side Rest Position

This position is a combination of both fetal position and cuddler position. Those who sleep in this position receive the self comforts of both a partial fetal curling of the legs, and also the comfort of having something to hold onto, such as a pillow or a person. These sleepers have a high need for emotional comfort, and are trusting but can be hurt easily.

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