They Say The Secret To Your Personality Is The Length Of This Finger. (Mine’s Spot On)

They say you can tell a lot about a person by looking at their hands. The same is true when it comes to analyzing body language and facial expressions.

Many traditions teach that we can tell a lot about someone’s personality just by looking at the length of their little finger.

Look at the picture below and decide which type you are – A, B, or C. Then read about your type and see if it’s true for you.


When it comes to expressing your feelings, it takes time for you to open up, and you often come off as reserved. You identify most easily as an introvert, and sharing your thoughts and feelings is not something you openly do with just anyone. Only those within your close circle get to see the real you, and what they see is a strong and independent individual.

You don’t tolerate lies and hypocrisy because you’ve been honest for just about your entire life. You are a loyal person and would do anything for your loved ones, but you expect the same in return.

You can be seen as cold or reserved to the people you are not close with, but once they get to know you they see how easily likable you are. You are a bit sensitive at times, and don’t have the tolerance to deal with people or things that bother you.

You have a heart of gold inside of you, and your love shines through to those you allow in to your life. Most of your time is spent with close friends and family, and you love to spend time laughing together.


You are a very loyal and sensitive person. Within a loving relationship, your partner becomes the center of your universe, and you shower them with your love, affection and attention. They are always in your mind, and you desire a deep level of intimacy with them.

You are also scared of being hurt, so you protect yourself by not giving too much of yourself to others. You want to be seen as independent and self-sustaining to others; someone who doesn’t need another to be happy. But deep within your heart you often dream of having a lifelong connection with someone.

You have a strong ability to commit to something, whether it’s your family, career, education, friends or goals. When you commit to working hard for something, through persistence you achieve it.

You have a calm and serene nature, and dislike stress-inducing confrontations. Even during a tense situation, you are able to remain your inner state of calm; a rare gift that people around you have noticed.


You are an optimistic person with an enjoyment of life and you believe everything happens for a reason. You let go of negativity as quickly as you can, and you’re quick to forgive the people in your life, because you’ve realized the true joy and peace that comes from living this way.

The things you’ve learned about life in terms of how to be happy and to keep a good mindset cause you to be quite confident in yourself, and when you argue with someone they often feel overwhelmed by your sense of being right. Even if you are right, you’re the first to apologize when you feel they’ve been hurt.

You are direct and straight-forward; others know where you stand and they also know where they stand with you. You value their opinions and feelings, and friends often come to you when they need a strong listening ear for support, which you kindly give. However when it comes to your own personal feelings and problems, you often try to deal with them yourself rather than sharing them with another.

You love to stay within the bounds of what you already know, where it’s safe and secure, as the unknown can be a bit scary at times. Leaving your comfort zone in small ways every so often can help you to bring your strength into new and fulfilling experiences that help you to grow.