Fun Quiz: The Animal You See First Reveals Hidden Details About Your Personality

“The eye sees all, but the mind shows us what we want to see.”

The idea of using ambiguous designs to assess an individual’s personality goes all the way back to Leonardo da Vinci and Botticelli. The first ink blot test was the Rorschach Test, developed by Hermann Rorschach, a Swiss psychiatrist.

Klecksography, pioneered by the early 19th century physician Justinus Kerner who wrote about its potential applications, took the idea of making ink blots and turned it into a type of mind puzzle where patients would drop paint on a paper, fold it, and the symmetrical result would give the unique ink blot picture to interpret.

Interpretations of viewing different images are of a subjective nature, and it’s both fun and up to you to decide the reasoning behind why your mind will see a certain image first and not another, as it varies from person to person.

What do you see first when looking at this picture? Read below to see what it says about you:

The Animal You See First Reveals Hidden Details About Your Personality

1. The Bird Sitting On The Zebra

If the Bird Sitting on the Zebra is what you first saw, it means you have a remarkable eye for detail and are highly creative in your life. It’s likely you can see many things in life that others cannot, and have accumulated wisdom that most can find hard to understand. The bird is supported by the larger zebra, and it’s possible you may have been supported or greatly helped by some wonderful people in your life. This unconditional support nourished you and helped you to relax and develop noteworthy inner strengths.

Those who see the bird first tend to be perfectionists in at least in one area of their lives, and this is definitely not a negative thing. Your unique and creative talents have allowed you to find a special path in life, and when you express this gift combined with the love you feel in your heart, great things can happen. Consider spending more time working on those inner ideas of genius that you’re passionate about, as what you will create will be well received by others.

2. The Lion

If you first saw the Lion in the picture, you likely are a person of great determination and strength. When you set your eye on something that you want, you persist until you succeed, and never give up. While life hasn’t been the easiest for you and you’ve had to fight to survive at times, you’ve become resilient and have learned that even when you fall, you must get back up and continue on your wonderful journey. Gentleness and patience are two of your strongest qualities, and you likely are the one whom those in your circle rely on in their times of need.

Just surviving is often not enough for you, as there are many things you want to see take place in the world; for example you want it to be a loving place for everyone, and you desire to see everyone around you in your life succeed. The greatest motivation, encouragement, and ideas come from the place of love within your heart, so remember to bring your focus to your heart when making big decisions and planning how you will help others. The world could truly use more beautifully compassionate people like you.

3. The Group Of Zebras

If you first saw the Group of Zebras, you are a humble yet naturally charismatic person. While the zebra is a strong and majestic animal, it also camouflages itself and stays safe from predators. You may have parts of your personality that are sweet, kind and sensitive, and you draw strength from being around other like-minded positive individuals. Healthy communication is important to you, as your needs include kindness, respect, and focusing on the positive, while you steer clear from hurtful communication which includes blame, criticism and heated arguments. A loving family and strong bonds are very important to you, and you’re likely willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that those you love are well taken care of.

The zebra has long been a symbol of freedom, as it roams freely where it pleases, has a beautiful natural camouflage and is able to move at high speeds. Those who see the zebras tend to love traveling and seeing the sights of the world, especially to places that relate to the unique passions that they have within their hearts. These may be spiritual locations, areas of great beauty within nature, or places where you feel at peace. Your free spirit does not only seek freedom from within the realm of material things, but also an inner freedom that comes through personal growth, self-compassion, and peace of mind. Find your own individual practice that gives you this inner freedom; be it yoga, meditation, listening to music, focusing on the love within your heart, or simply taking a walk through nature, and this inner balance will attract wonderful experiences into your life.

Did the animal you see first relate to you?

Let us know in the comments.

You are loved.

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