Fun Test: The Mountain You Choose Reveals Part Of Your Unconscious Personality

“It is not the mountain that we conquer, but ourselves.”

Mountains can symbolize many things in our lives, and also in our personalities. They can represent obstacles to overcome, past challenges and victories, and also the summit of our highest self.

In this fun personality test, choose one of the mountains in the image and see here what it reveals about your unconscious personality. Make sure to choose the mountain you’re immediately attracted to when first viewing the image.

“Know thyself”, as they say, and you can conquer the world.

The Mountain You Choose Reveals Part Of Your Unconscious Personality

The First Mountain

If you chose this mountain, you are an independent spirit. You like building your own way through life, and you experiment with all of the infinite possibilities your optimistic and hopeful perspective provides you with. You adore (and need!) your private space and dislike confrontations, so much that you avoid them like the plague. You’re easy-going and rarely like to be hurried. Your inner serenity allows you to be patient with others, making you the treasured friend when others are struggling.

The Second Mountain

You have a calm and collected nature, and you like the idea and existence of a peaceful path ahead. You are pragmatic and don’t like wasting time by putting more effort into anything than is not required. You are not especially ambitious and that often makes you take the easier way out of situations, People think of you as a consistent, non-dramatic individual. Your presence is soothing and calming to others.

The Third Mountain

Your friendly and extroverted demeanor makes you the life of the party, Your wit, humor and kindness are always winning hearts. You like living in the moment; being in the present rather than running after an imaginary future. You are curious by nature and love learning and acquiring more knowledge and experience. You follow your heart and want to learn more about where your heart will take you.

The Fourth Mountain

You are the adventurer, always up for a challenge. Your thrill-seeking nature makes your idea of life much like a cliff-hanger novel. You would rather avoid rules and don’t hold much regard for restrictions. You seek and crave freedom and an unplanned way of life. You want to live life to the fullest and dare your limits to stop you. Your idea of the perfect day would be doing some zip-lining through a rainforest, dancing at a party, and then relaxing in a hot tub.

The Fifth Mountain

You are quiet and prefer a contemplative path. You do not like crowds or overly-loud places. You enjoy your own company and often spend long hours alone. Solitude helps you replenish, recharge, and also feeds your soul. You savor life and become one with it. You are a philosopher; you possess depth of thought and that is manifested in your way of life. You like weighing and thinking out your moves in life. People deeply matter to you and relationships are your greatest joy and priority.

The Sixth Mountain

You tend to take “the road less travelled” and find your own way. You could be considered a lone wolf, and prefer solitude over company. Individualistic, you perceive the world in a way most would find unconventional, and that is reflected in your way of life. Your deep appreciate for nature and the outdoors has you spending as much time as possible in beautiful places. You opt for the path of one, and more often than not, that path is creative, artistic, innovative and quite enjoyable.

Which mountain did you choose?

Let us know in the comments.

You are loved.

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