This Is What It Means If You Have A Mole On One Of These 7 Places On Your Body

Do you have a particular mole somewhere on your body, that you’ve possibly considered a beauty mark or even disregarded for most of your life? Most people have a mole or a beauty mark somewhere on their bodies, but have probably never really paid much attention to them.

A beauty mark or beauty spot is a euphemism for a type of dark mole, so named because such birthmarks are sometimes considered an attractive feature. For centuries people around the world have regarded beauty marks as containing a sense of meaning for a person, and in many movies today a birthmark usually symbolizes some form of connection to a person of importance.

The Imperial Chinese believed that beauty marks could foretell one’s fortune and future depending on their body placement and hue. During the Renaissance, women who strived for fair skin would cover their blemishes with dots, disguising them as beauty marks.

Read below to see what your beauty mark says about you, and let us know if you agree:

This Is What It Means If You Have A Mole On One Of These 7 Places On Your Body

1. A Mole On The Temple

If you have a mole on your temple, it could possibly mean that you have a wonderful opportunity to travel throughout your life and in your future, or that you have been given a unique opportunity in the past to travel.


It could be related to traveling for either business or for pleasure. It’s possible that at this point you may not have traveled the world as much as you would have liked, and if this is the case, prepare for some wonderful changes in your future that will add meaning to your life.

2. A Mole Between The Eyes

Having a mole in between the eyes could mean that you will advance far in whichever area of life you choose to focus on. It could be your career, but it most likely is related to the passion that exists deep within your heart. You’re gifted with an ability to persist through trying times, and to keep trying until you succeed.


Your strong will and sharp focus help you to rise to the top in your career. If you aren’t already doing what you love in your life, it’s important to take some personal time and listen to your heart. See what makes your heart come alive; what makes it open and soften, and what makes you feel truly alive. Once you set and align your focus with what pulls your heart, the sky is the limit for your success.

3. A Mole On Or Above The Eyelid

If you have a mole on or above your eyelid, anywhere between the space between your eye and your eyebrow, or even directly on your eyebrow, it represents your deep love for your family. Regardless of how your family relationships are going, the depth of your love for them is as deep or deeper than the ocean. You would likely do anything for your family.

A mole on this area of your body can also mean that you are unique and are naturally quite fashionable. You likely are also a great people person, conversationalist and have a warmth that helps others feel accepted and safe around you.

Because of your level of natural charisma, you often rise to leadership positions in both your professional and personal life.

4. A Mole Above The Upper Lip

If you have a mole above your upper lip, it could be related to a variety of good things. It can mean that you’ve been quite popular since your youth and have been destined for social success. While others usually need to put in an effort to exhibit charm, it has always been an effortless and abundant quality for you.

You may have struggled in the past with overcoming desires related to materialism, but as you’ve grown in your own inner practice of self compassion and sharing love with others, you’ve learned that when you internally let go of wanting or needing something, it flows effortlessly to you. Share what you’ve discovered with the world, you’re able to help many people.

5. A Mole On The Cheekbone

A mole on either cheek represents a courageous, sincere and intelligent person. Having a mole on the right cheek denotes a sensitive and caring person whose top priority usually centers around a loving family. Having a mole on the left cheek represents a person who is often an empath; someone who has come to a great emotional understanding within themselves and can sense and feel the emotions of others quite strongly.

The specific placement of this mole on your body is also related to financial success, and it could mean that you have a pay raise on the horizon, or that at a point in your life your wealth will increase significantly. Remember to stay humble and generous as your financial situation goes from good to great, as what will be a small amount to you, can greatly help the less fortunate that you donate to.

6. A Mole On The Palm Of Your Hand

If you have a mole on the palm of your hand, it could mean that you are generally good with money and know how to save, manage and spend it wisely, and also that you’re capable of helping others heal themselves through your work.

You have a sharp mind and a keen ambition. Those who meet you are often interested in what you do and are inspired by how well you do in your career or in your personal hobbies. Help those around you succeed, and you will have more success than you can handle.

7. A Mole On The Sole Of Your Foot

If you have a mole on the sole of your foot, it represents a need and passion to travel and to experience the wonders and beauty of different cultures. Because you are a traveler and understand the varying ways of life in different areas of the world, you’re an open-minded person who is able to warmly connect with various types of people. This makes you a wonderfully fun person to be around, and many people close to you often seek your advice.

Your vast knowledge of other cultures makes you a great and positive influence on people around you. Share what you’ve found with others, so that they can have a more compassionate understanding of the world around them.

Do you have any special meaning for your beauty mark?

Let us know in the comments.

You are loved.

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