She Bought Groceries, Then Came Outside And Made This Homeless Man A Homemade Sandwich With Love

It’s often a common sight to see a homeless person sitting on the ground, hungry, outside of a grocery store. Yet it’s uncommon, and beautiful, when we see someone go into the store and come out with the specific intention to help feed a struggling brother, sister, mother or father.

A. Redinger was outside of a store when she saw a woman walk outside with her groceries and sit down next to a homeless man.

“Y’all, this is the sweetest,” Redinger shared in a post online. “From what I can tell, this woman either went to Publix and/or brought stuff in a Tupperware from home and straight up MADE this man a sandwich right in front of him. Homemade. Made with love. Not just bought at a store. She came and, quite literally, broke bread with him.”

“They were right outside of Maple Street Biscuits, so she totally could’ve just bought him a sandwich. But she didn’t. She brought her own bread and meat and made him a homemade sandwich and even cut it in half ? I’m just broken.”

It’s not easy to imagine the struggles and pain that the homeless go through on a daily basis. The large majority of the homeless have had lives more difficult than most of us can comprehend. Sitting on the sidewalk each day in the heat, or in the cold, while watching others walk by, most of whom try to avoid seeing their signs and try to avoid making eye contact, it can easily lead these struggling, lovable souls to sadness and depression.

It’s times like these when an act of love and genuine kindness can mean so much.

This woman with a beautiful heart sat down next to this man, opened her bag, and made him a homemade sandwich with love, and they ate together. Her love helped treat him like an equal, like a loved human being with dignity, and his heart surely felt it.

Our family is everywhere, don’t let them forget how much they are loved.

If you see a struggling person in your community, consider spending a few dollars and a few minutes of your time to show them that they are loved and valuable human beings.

The sunshine you shine onto their hearts may just keep them warm for years to come.

You are Loved.

Please share this good news with others: when we share stories and examples of compassion and kindness, we inspire and encourage others to be kind and compassionate in their daily lives, making the world a better place for everyone.

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