8 Signs You Have A Man Who Will Love You Forever

There is no better feeling in the world than loving someone and being loved in return. Your heart opens with more passion and brings luminance into your eyes, and just thinking about him makes your heart skip a beat.

If you’re looking for your loyal prince who will stay with you forever, here are 8 signs to help you identify your other half:

1. He Treats You Like Royalty

When your lover gives you the royal treatment, especially when you are either not feeling well or not looking your best, it’s a clear sign that he loves you and he really values you. You are the queen of his heart, and he will do anything to see you smile.

2. He Helps You When You Have A Problem

Showing support is one of the drivers of intimacy within a relationship, and you can be sure he is in for the long haul if he goes out of his way to help you solve your difficult problems. Your happiness is his priority, and if he sees you struggling, he’s going to help you get back to feeling 100% again.

3. He Uses ‘WE’

When your lover has spent time reflecting and assuming that the two of you will be together long-term, he says ‘we’ often instead of ‘I’ when talking about future plans and activities. He’s proud of telling you and others about how happy he is to be in a relationship with you.

4. He ‘Glows’ When You Are Near Him

One of the signs of being in love is how attentive and how deeply they smile when they are with you. Someone once said, “take a lover that looks at you like maybe you are magic.” If consistently your man’s face brightens up and he smiles when you enter the room, be sure that he loves you and you may have found your answer.

5. He Shares Everything With You

However his day may have gone, he shares it all with you, the good and the bad. He is open and honest about everything with you because he wants you to be involved in his life. He also wants to know everything about you. If your man shares every detail of his life with you, it means that he thinks highly of you, values your opinion, and most of all, he really values you.

6. He Talks About Your Future Together

When he plans your next vacation together, and is comfortable bringing you to meet his family, he is in for real. In his mind the two of you are staying together as time goes on, and if you’ve noticed his habit of keeping his word and having integrity, be sure that he will be there for you. On the other hand, men who are not serious tend to stray away from making plans, because they are often afraid to commit or are open to finding someone else. While this is not always the case, it’s good if your man can handle making a few important future plans with you.

7. His Family And Friends Tell You So

You have met his family and friends, and after you’ve met them for the first several times and their initial politeness has worn off, they still tell you how much he loves you. Regardless of if he’s perfect or not, when the people who have known him the longest and known him the best say this to you, it’s for real.

8. He Tells You That You Are The One

When the other 7 signs have occurred and then he utters these words, it means he is as serious as serious gets and wants to pursue a lifelong relationship with you. Relationships require healthy communication and a strong matching of intimacy, passion and commitment to succeed, but if he exhibits all of these signs, you know he has set his heart on you.