Why Girls Who Stay Single For A Long Time End Up The Happiest

While not always talked about, there are many reasons why women choose to stay single for long gaps of time in their lives. They might have no interest in seeking out a partner at this time in their life, they might be taking healthy and valid steps to make themselves happy before they try to be happy inside of a relationship, or they might just be highly aware and able to realize quickly when a relationship is not destined to work out in the long run, so why waste valuable time and energy?

Many women are perfectly happy and successful on their own, and they choose not to buy into traditional cultural stereotypes that say a woman needs a partner in order to be good enough, or that they should feel uncomfortable for not being in a typical serious relationship.

To understand it another way, women who choose to intentionally remain single are not motivated by making their lives easier in giving up the search for a partner, but instead already really enjoy their lives just they way they are. Their energy goes towards their passions and drive for life, which to them is the priority over settling down into a daily routine. These independent women are not scared by the idea of never getting married, and certainly don’t need a partner to support and take care of them.

When they do choose to enter a relationship, it is usually with an equally strong and self-sustaining partner who uplifts, pushes them, and when together inspires her to reach new heights with even greater success in life. It usually ends up being another person who is also completely happy being on their own, and who also after getting their own ducks in order, is ready for a healthy and interdependent relationship, which ends up being on a whole new level from the relationships of the norm.

Here are some of the most common reasons why these unique and voluntarily single women choose to stay single for large gaps of time:

1. First Things First

They know their priorities and dating is not one of them.

2. They’re Not Desperate

They don’t settle for anything less than they deserve. They only look for meaningful and deep connections with people, and are already happy with how things are.

3. Friendships Over Relationships

They value deep and meaningful relationships with friends that last for years over relationships that tend to be superficial and end in not speaking with each other.

4. Too Busy To Date

They often are busying achieving their own dreams and feel that dating would only takeaway from their limited and valuable time.

5. They Have High Standards

They are strong women with high standards that not every man can meet.

6. They Are Already Satisfied With Their Life

They have great friends, great family, a great lifestyle, and they simply don’t need a partner to improve anything.

7. Not Easy To Impress

The standard ideas of materialistic beauty, wealth and ideals do not appeal to them. They prefer to be around people who have grown on a deep heart level themselves, and are also strong and independent; people who do not spend each and every day hunting for their next mate, so they are difficult to impress.

Women who choose to stay single for large gaps of time have often learned the importance of self-growth and have found that they don’t need another person in order to achieve their life dreams. Here’s to strong women; may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them.