The Scent You Pick Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Researchers have begun studying how scents are connected to personalities and to the buying habits of individuals. In the study The Cool Scent of Power: Effects of Ambient Scent on Preferences and Choice Behavior conducted by Madzhrov, Block and Morrin (2015), researchers found some interesting connections between how various aromas could affect the behaviors of individuals.

Before we explain what they found, first pick your top choice scent from the picture

Researchers found that the human mind relates and associates scents with warm and cold temperatures. Warm scents would be similar to vanilla and cinnamon, while cool scents are similar to peppermint and eucalyptus. Research on social density and warm scents suggests that when people perceive social density to be very high they tend to experience less control over their social environment. In addition, when people experience less power (control) they automatically adopt a power-compensatory behavior in an attempt to regain power. A percentage of people will increase the amount of things they buy in order to gain back a sense of control when smelling warm scents.

Another study by Spangenberg, Sprott and Zidansek (2012) suggests that people will spend up to 20% more money when shopping in an area with a simple organic scent, such as citrus and flowers, as opposed to no particular scent or a more complicated perfume.

While the scents we choose don’t reveal everything about our personalities, it’s interesting and fun to see if anything rings true for you.

Read below and see what your favorite scent reveals about your personality:

1. Coffee, Chocolate, Buttery Croissants

You prefer meeting friends in smaller groups as compared to larger groups. You often maintain a positive and optimistic attitude and try to see the best in everyone. It’s very important to you that you treat your friends right, and that they treat you right in return. While able to have a great time with your close circle of friends, spending prolonged periods of time with others can be exhausting at times. You tend to need relax time to recharge your batteries and to refresh yourself.

While you could be seen as a perfectionist when it comes to things you’re passionate about, you have a kind heart and have many wonderful abilities similar to those of an Empath; someone who can deeply feel and sense the feelings of others. Stay rooted in your heart, and the love within will always take care of you.

2. Forests, Fresh Pine Trees, Woodsy Smells

Staying positive is very important to you, yet you sometimes can be a bit too hard on yourself. Wonderfully creative and artistic, you deeply appreciate things of beauty, and can see beauty in objects which others may say are ordinary. Exploration and travel are more appealing to you as compared to going to crowded events with unpredictable energy.

Your kind heart always knows what to say to help those you love when they’re struggling, but sometimes you forget to give yourself the same kindness when you’re struggling within. It’s important to remember that love, kindness and compassion all begin from within, and that first showing kindness and compassion to ourselves is needed to be able to feel good enough to be there for others. Others at times in your life may have mentioned to you how they admire your ability to remain calm even in stressful circumstances. Self-compassion can give you strength and help to release beautifully creative ideas from your heart into your mind.

3. Citrus Fruits, Freshly Sliced

Patience is one of your virtues, and when it comes to learning new skills and abilities, you’re able to persist and succeed. You know the value of hard work and it has helped you to exceed above the fold in many areas in your life. You tend to enjoy the little things in life, and are always there to help a friend when they ask. You also are okay with asking others for help, as you have deep friendships with those you love and can count on each other for anything.

When you’re passionate about something, your opinion can be quite strong to say the least, and you make sure your voice is heard. While your success in your personal life or career usually keeps you busy, remember to spend a portion of your week volunteering, helping a charity, or engaging in random acts of kindness. The actions you do seem to have a multiplying effect, so when you give goodness, it continues on exponentially to help others, eventually making its way back to you. If enough people with your kind of ability were to dedicate themselves to a good cause, major and wonderful things would happen. Give it a try.

4. The Smell Of The Ocean

You seek clarity, calm and stillness of mind in your daily life, while you may not always know it. Inner peace is deeply satisfying to you and gives you much needed rest from the worries of life. You usually like knowing things for certain, and experience insecurity from time to time, but your hopeful and optimistic attitude always bounces you back to your cheerful self.

Sometimes you feel trapped in routines, your career or lifestyle, and are unsure about if you’re making the right decisions in life that will make you ultimately happy. It’s important during these times that you spend time in silence and calm, and listen to the quiet whispers of your heart. Your heart always knows exactly what you want and what you’re looking for, so pay attention to what causes your heart to open and soften in a very deep, quiet and gentle way within: these are related to your true calling in life.

5. Spices, Vanilla, Cinnamon

You’re a very lovable and likable person, and could be described as gentle, intelligent and reflective. You prefer to observe and learn things first rather than jumping straight into them. When it comes to social activities, you can both be entertained going to a concert and also reading a book while cozy at home. Nervousness and anxiety is experienced from time to time, which is very normal, and you’ve grown in ways that allow you to handle it smoothly.

While deeply desiring connections with others, you also enjoy spending time with yourself. This sometimes leads to conflicting feelings, but remember that it’s possible to integrate both healthy relationships, as well as recharging personal times in order to live a balanced and healthy life. Remember to remind yourself often that you are lovable and good enough, just the way you are, and that you deserve every good thing that you want in life. Like a butterfly, you can’t easily see how beautiful your wings are, but the rest of us can.

6. Flowers, Roses, Lavender

Passionate and sensual, you are deeply in touch with your feelings and know what you want in life. You tend to enjoy the little things on a day to day basis, and your artistic nature helps you to surround yourself with a unique and fashionable living space. You feel more comfortable in smaller groups and while you enjoy life in the city, you find peace close to nature.

Love is your strength, and it’s important to remember that it first comes from within; something that you give to yourself, before you can give it 100% to others. The upside to being passionate is you are deeply motivated to do certain things, and the downside is that sometimes you lose your sense of inner balance. Remember to get enough sleep, to exercise regularly, and to get as healthy as you can. Yoga could be a wonderful way for you to maintain a healthy balance of mind, body, and spirit.

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