Food Delivery Man Breaks Down In Tears After A Kind Customer Orders A Birthday Cake For Him

A hardworking food deliveryman broke down in tears after discovering that the birthday cake he came to pick up was actually for him.

Essential workers, which include delivery drivers, have been working non-stop during the pandemic. As billions have been self-isolating indoors, increased food delivery orders have had delivery drivers in high demand. They have not only been working hard due to large amounts of orders, but they also have been braving the risks of the coronavirus as they travel to different restaurants and people’s homes.

When a food delivery man in Wuhan, China, had been so incredibly busy for weeks, he could not take time off to celebrate his own birthday.

Without knowing that his birthday had just passed, one kind anonymous customer placed an order at a bakery and ordered an extra cake to be given to the delivery driver.

When the delivery driver came to pick up the order, the woman at the bakery presented him with the cake, and the delivery man was both surprised and bewildered. He asked the cashier multiple times if this was some kind of mistake and if the cake was really for him.

“He kept asking if someone really bought the cake for him, and I told him each time, yes. Someone bought the cake for you,” the cashier said.

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The receipt for the customer read: “I ordered one extra piece for the food delivery man. Please remember to eat on time.”

The delivery man swelled up with emotion and took his cake with the candle outside and sat down on the steps as tears filled his eyes. He wished himself a happy birthday and blew out his birthday candle.

Photo credit: Weibo

He appears to be sitting in gratitude while wiping the tears away from his eyes.

Photo credit: Weibo

The bakery cashier’s heart was also touched by the customer’s kindness, and she took a video of the man from inside the shop while he sat outside eating his cake.

With delivery drivers working such busy shifts and such long hours during the pandemic, it’s deeply beautiful to see kind and thoughtful customers doing their part to take care of these hero essential workers. The next time you order food, get a piece of mail, see a medical worker or visit the grocery store, remember to include them in your kindness.

You are Loved.

Watch this video of the surprised delivery man receiving and enjoying his birthday cake:

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