Kind Flight Attendant’s Note To A Grieving Mother Was So Moving That She Felt Inspired To Share It Online

Losing a loved one is one of the most difficult experiences one can have in life, especially when the loved one is a child. When a grieving Mom, Tricia Belstra, was on a flight to attend her son’s funeral, she was emotionally overwhelmed and needed an airline bag in case she felt sick. When a young flight attendant found out about her situation, he left her a deeply kind and moving note, written on a napkin. Tricia was so touched that she shared his note online, in hopes that he would hear her thank you.

Tricia shared her story online saying; “I couldn’t tell this story until now.. I flew in on Southwest Airlines flight 1076… I was not looking or feeling good. I sat in my seat between two strangers holding a barf bag down low between my legs. One of the flight attendants looked at me and asked if I was okay. I asked for some water and another person brought it to me. Then this young man came by; I wish I would have gotten his name.

He was getting drink requests. I asked for a diet coke and another glass of water. He leaned in and asked if I was okay. I told him I was flying back to bury my son. He said he was so sorry and brought me a can of water, a glass of ice and my diet coke. The girl next to me offered to pour the water for me because my hands were shaking. When we landed the girl helped me with my luggage. As I am leaving the plane the young man who waited on me was standing on the landing and as I walked off the plane he stopped me and handed me a napkin and said he was sorry for my loss and this wasn’t much. I said thank you and walked out. When I got to where I was out of the walkway I looked at the napkin he gave me and cried. I had Father Mike bless him and he said he was one of God’s soul angels. Please share this and I hope it gets back to him. Thank you so much for your kind words from a person that took the time to write this not even knowing me.”

The note reads, “In 2004, my family lost my older brother. As traumatic as it still is for me, I can’t even pretend to truly know the pain you feel as a mother. I did, however, watch my mother’s grieving process (a process that will never end),” he wrote.

“My mum struggled desperately chasing a far away goal of somehow lessening the pain. As she has realized now, the pain hardly lessens. Don’t expend your energy trying to chase this. Instead, go all out finding opportunities to experience joy. Visit family, get closer to those you’ve lost touch with, travel.”

“I won’t stop thinking about you anytime soon or how you’re doing or what you’re up to. You’ll come out of this a stronger person and I’ll be rooting for you the whole time.”

When someone is struggling, showing kindness, understanding and empathy can really provide the comfort that they need to help them get through. This kind flight attendant surely helped give Tricia some of the strength that she would need to face one of the most difficult experiences of her life, and she is forever grateful.

You are Loved.

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