A Kind Cashier Warmed Hearts When An Older Man Needed To Pay In Change For His Groceries

It’s easy to become nervous when holding up a line in a store, especially when scraping together loose coins to pay for groceries. It’s times like these when kindness is so greatly appreciated and brings amazing relief to those who are struggling.

When someone needs to pay in change for their groceries, we can never be sure of the cause, but often times it is because they are struggling financially and need to collect their extra coins to be able to eat for the day. Healthcare costs for the elderly are very high, and being able to afford expensive medication, as well as the daily necessities of life such as food, is becoming more and more of a problem for our beloved older generation.

Rather than becoming frustrated by this older man’s need to pay in change, the cashier responded with a beautiful reassurance that it truly was okay, and she even helped the gentleman count his change with him. Spring Herbison Bowlin was next in line, and was able to take a picture of this beautiful moment and to also share some thoughts;

“My heart was warmed during lunch. This gentleman’s items were scanned and he was given the total. He looks apologetically back at me and starts taking handfuls of change out of his pockets. He miscounts and starts to get flustered. Gives me a muttered, ‘I’m so sorry.’ His hands and voice are shaking. 

This beautiful cashier takes his hands and dumps all the change on the counter and says, ‘This is not a problem, honey. We will do this together.’ He continues to apologize to both of us as we reassure him it’s ok. They get his transaction handled and he shuffles away.

I looked at this wonderful woman and said, ‘Thank-you for being so patient with him.’

She shakes her head and replies, ‘You shouldn’t have to thank me, baby. What’s wrong with our world is we’ve forgotten how to love one another.’

I want to be more like her.”

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”
~Mother Teresa.

The next time you’re in line and have to wait a few extra moments for someone in front of you, remember how beautiful it can be to show some patience and kindness to the person who is holding up the line, and you just might inspire others to do the same.

Photo courtesy of Spring Herbison Bowlin.