Kind Cement Driver Stopped Truck In Middle Of Road To Help Elderly Lady Struggling To Cross Street

When a kind truck driver saw an elderly woman struggling to cross a busy intersection with her grocery walker, he set his truck into park to keep her safe, and then walked outside and helped her cross the street.

Malino Wilson was driving his cement truck back to the depot in Oldbury, England, but as he made a right turn, he noticed an elderly woman with a grocery walker slowly trying to walk across the street.

Photo credit: FORS Driver Footage

Malino stopped his truck to let her pass, but as she tried, her cart’s wheels kept getting stuck on the curb.

The elderly woman eventually gave up and waved for the cement truck to just go on by.

Photo credit: FORS Driver Footage

But instead of driving past, Malino put his truck into park and walked outside and helped lift the woman’s walker over the curb.

Photo credit: FORS Driver Footage

“It is a dangerous place to cross and I could see the lady was struggling to push her shopping bag down the curb,” Malino later said in an interview. “[I thought] the rest of the traffic isn’t going to wait, so I’m going to get out and go help her.”

Photo credit: FORS Driver Footage
Photo credit: FORS Driver Footage

He patiently walked by her side as she slowly made her way to the other side of the street.

Photo credit: FORS Driver Footage

The elderly woman thanked Malino, and then he got back into his truck and drove away. The cars waiting behind the cement truck shared the beautiful moment online from their phones, and thousands of hearts online have appreciated Malino’s kindness.

“My parents brought me up to respect the elderly and vulnerable people, and I just knew it was the right thing to do,” Malino said.

Photo credit: ITV News

“It don’t cost anything: having manners, being polite and stuff like that, it don’t cost a penny. It’s true.”

You are Loved.

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