He Stopped Running To Catch His Train To Help An Older Woman With Her Bags

While most often we see people running to catch their trains and jumping onboard before the doors close in a subway, one person witnessed a beautiful act of kindness.

This man who had previously been running to catch his train passed by an older woman who was struggling to make it down some stairs with her bags. Instead of passing her by, he stopped running, and asked her if he could help her, and she gratefully agreed.

It’s important during our busy daily lives to stop for a second and to remember the teaching of the Good Samaritan; to love and care for our neighbors. Random acts of kindness stay in our memories and in our hearts, and often times are the most beautiful parts of our day.

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Compassion brings us to a stop, and for a moment, we rise above ourselves.

If you were touched by this story of kindness, let it inspire you to share some love and kindness with a person you encounter this week. Love and Gratitude ❤️