Kind Couple Tipped Waitress $375 To Help Pay Her Rent

During a normal day at work, a kind couple blessed a waitress with a $375 tip in order to help her pay her rent.

Kiara Brown was waitressing at Rivals Steakhouse in Greenville, Mississippi, when a kind couple she was serving started a conversation with her. Kiara didn’t tell her customers, but it had been a difficult week up to that point.

“This week has already been a lot on me and today at work I’m waiting on my tables the same as I always do,” Kiara shared in a post online. “I proceeded to check this table out and the lady asks:

Lady: How much would you like for a tip?
Me: Whatever you give me is fine.
Lady: What do you need?
Me: Nothing”

The couple continued asking Kiara questions, all the while seeing if there was some way they could be a blessing for her.

“Man with the lady: How old are you?
Me: 24
Him: [Do] you have kids?
Me: Yes a son, he’s 4.
Her: If he needed anything, how much would it be?
Me: He needs a lot, I’m not sure (I smile and walk away)”

When Kiara returned to their table, the couple asked if she had any bills that she needed to pay.

Her: [Do] you pay all [of] your bills?
Me: Yes ma’am
Her: If you had to pay a bill today, what would it be?
Me: Rent
Her: How much [is] your rent?
Me: $375
Her: Okay, I’m leaving you a $375 tip, I’m paying your rent.

The lady wrote and signed a $375 tip on her receipt to cover Kiara’s room in her apartment. At the bottom of the receipt, she wrote, “Be Blessed.”

Photo credit: Kiara Brown

The generosity of the kind couple moved Kiara deeply.

“Y’all I couldn’t do anything but cry!!! This was a blessing in disguise! ???❤️”

Thousands of hearts online also appreciated the couple’s kindness for Kiara.

“There are Angels out there, Kiara, I am so glad you found yours. Blessings, Love and Light…” commented Lucinda L.

“How nice!!! That made her month!!! Thank you kind lady, from a fellow server…✌❤️?” wrote Kim B.

“The value of vulnerability ❤️” commented Blake O.

“I feel this in my soul. I had a man pay to fill my gas tank today just because I had casually mentioned I was wearing super bright clothes because being bright and happy is important on my birthday ?” shared Kimberly G.

You are Loved.

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