Kind Grocer Leaves Expired Bread In A Cart Outside For The Homeless Rather Than Throwing It Away

A kind employee makes sure to leave recently expired bread in a cart outside each day for the homeless, rather than throwing it away.

While shopping at her local grocery store, reddit user Brittamas regularly noticed a shopping cart outside with some food in it. She learned that one of the employees takes the expired bread each day, and rather than throwing it into the dumpster, her grocery store lets them put it in an extra shopping cart outside for the homeless to come and get.

“An employee at my grocery store leaves the expired bread next to the dumpster instead of in [it] for those in need,” she shared in a post online.

Photo credit: Brittamas

This kindness not only provides food for the homeless, but it allows them to keep their dignity by not needing to dig through a large dumpster to find something to eat. It also prevents food waste.

Many grocery stores agree to donate their recently expired food, which is still edible, to local food banks for those in need. Studies have shown that in the United States, between 20 to 40 percent of all food goes in the trashcan, and that food takes up the most space inside of all landfills.

It’s beautiful to see kind people doing what they can to prevent food waste and to help the homeless and those in need.

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