Kind Man Got Out Of Car And Gave His Own Jacket To Cold Homeless Man Using Sweatshirt As A Scarf

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When a kind man noticed a cold homeless person using a sweatshirt as a scarf to stay warm, he stopped his car, took off his own jacket, and put it on the homeless man.

While waiting at a stoplight, a woman noticed the car in front of her pull over to the median. The driver of the car stepped outside and then walked over to a homeless man sitting on the side of the road.

The young man who was homeless had an old sweatshirt wrapped over his neck as he was trying to keep warm in the frigid air.

When the driver reached the homeless man, he took off his own down jacket and helped put it on the homeless man.

It took him a moment to get it on, but he took great care to make sure it was comfortably on.

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The young man instantly reached out for a hug after the jacket was on, and the kind man gave him a heartfelt hug.

Before he left, he also gently put his hand on the young homeless man’s shoulder, and on his head, the way a loving father would do for his son.

He then made it back to his car and drove away.

Thousands of hearts online were moved by the man’s gentle kindness for the homeless man.

“I love the way he puts his hand on his head after. It’s something a dad does to their kids to say “stay safe”’ wrote one grateful heart.

“I really wish I was more like this. This guy is a good human,”
wrote N. F.

“That little head rub at the end got me. “Now you be good kiddo” sniff…” wrote another.

“I’ve been homeless. I know what it feels like to feel less then human and have one person do the smallest gestures to make you feel better. Someone gave me their left over pasta from a restaurant once. I hugged them and cried… I’ve never had anything so good…”
shared Ali N.

You are Loved.

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