Kind Mother And Daughter Keep A “Blessing Bag” In Their Car In Case They See A Homeless Person

A kind mother and daughter began keeping a “Blessing bag” in their car to give whenever they see a homeless person.

Amy Verder and her daughter now make sure to always have a Blessing bag available in their car so that they can be prepared to help the homeless that they see.

“This is what me and my daughter have started doing… We are keeping a “Blessing bag” in our car in case we find someone in need,” Amy shared in a post online.

Each Blessing Bag is filled with essentials, packaged food, $5 and a hand drawn smiley face. Amy purchases the essentials from a dollar store, so each bag contains useful items and is budget friendly, a great idea!

“You can make these up with items from the Dollar Tree such as gloves, thermal socks, beef sticks, crackers, candy bars, toothpaste, toothbrush, wipes, deodorant, snacks and other items that may help someone who is homeless or in a bad way. It is just a thoughtful, inspiring thing to do. This is something we are going to start doing from now on.”

Photo credit: Amy Verder

Amy and her daughter were inspired to create their own Blessing bags after seeing others who were also keeping essentials kits for the homeless in their car.

“Thank you to the ones that did this long before us, for being such a giving, loving, caring person! Random acts of kindness take very little to change the life of just one person.”

Hundreds of thousands of hearts online have been inspired by the idea of Blessing bags.

“What a lovely idea… I think we’ll have a go at doing something along these lines, [it’s] a fabulous idea. Thank you so much,” commented Caroline H.

“Meal coupons are good too..McDonalds,Burger King etc.” shared Laurie S.

“I think this is something my children and I are going to start doing,” wrote Patricia T.

Make sure your kind heart has a Blessing Bag ready to go as well 🙂

You are Loved.


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