Kind Stranger Saw First Day Snowboarder Give Up And Walk Down Hill, Spent Time Teaching Him To Ride

When a kind stranger noticed a frustrated first day snowboarder give up on learning and start to walk down the slope, he walked over to meet the man, and taught him how to ride.

David Muther was snowboarding in the Lake Tahoe area when he noticed a new snowboarder take off his board and begin walking down the side of the slope.

“I saw this guy gave up and was walking down the ski slope. It was his first day,” David wrote in a post on his Instagram page, halfcabking.

Photo credit: halfcabking/Instagram
Photo credit: halfcabking/Instagram

“You heading to the back country?” David asked him as he walked past.

“It’s my first time and I’m getting my [butt] kicked,” the man replied.

David invited him over and asked the new snowboarder what he was having trouble with. He looked at his snowboard and made some adjustments to his bindings and said he thought it should help.

“I helped fix his bindings and gave him some tips.”

Photo credit: halfcabking/Instagram

David then invited the man to practice together, and he stayed with him and coached him on how to turn without falling down while kindly helping him keep his balance by holding his hand.

Photo credit: halfcabking/Instagram

After a little while, the new snowboarder was able to slowly move down the mountain without falling.

Photo credit: halfcabking/Instagram

David also encouraged the man after each successful turn.

“Yeah! Keep it coming!” he said.

“That feels so much better turning with the front like you said. It helps so much,” the man replied.

Photo credit: halfcabking/Instagram

The two were able to snowboard down the entire run, and the new snowboarder was excited and filled with hope.

“Good to meet you. Have a good day, shred happy,” David said as the two reached the end of the run.

Photo credit: halfcabking/Instagram

The man was visibly happier after David went out of his way to teach him how to ride.

Photo credit: halfcabking/Instagram

“He went from giving up to turning in ONE run!! So unreal. Making it for people to fall in love with the sport I love is [the] best feeling ever. Everyone deserves to Shred Happy 😁” David shared.

A little kindness goes a long way.

Watch this 1 minute video of David teaching the new snowboarder after he had given up:

You are Loved.

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