Kind Student Bought New Jordans For Classmate Who Was Being Bullied To Make Him Feel Better

Bullying is an extremely stressful situation that unfortunately some children face while going to school. Bullying is linked to depression and anxiety, decreased academic achievement, increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns, a loss of interest in activities children used to enjoy, substance abuse, and suicide. These issues can often persist into adulthood as well.

When Tae Moore saw a fellow classmate, Taylor Bates, being bullied for the way he looks and how he dresses, he made a compassionate decision to help. Tae went and bought Taylor new Jordans that same day, then gave them to him the following day when they saw each other at school. He wrote a post about it online and set a strong example for his peers: you don’t tear fellow classmates down, you build them up;

“This kid go to our school named Eazy-E. He likes to rap and etc., he said he wants to be a rapper, just trying to chase his dream but kids at school like to bully him and pick on him and talk about the way he dresses and looks, so I went and bought him some Jordan’s,” Tae shared online.

Photo credit: Tae Moore

Taylor stood in disbelief as his classmate gave him the expensive pair of new retro 1 Jordans. He put the shoes on and they hugged each other. Taylor said in a reply post online that he was so touched that he almost cried:

“This guy’s name is Tay, he goes to greenwood high school. Yesterday when I walked into the gym to get ready for lunch Tay asked me what size shoe I wear and I said “9, why”, and he said “alright tomorrow I want you to show up at this exact spot, ok”, and I said “alright man”.

Today when I went into the gym there was a small crowd of students around Tay who had a footlocker bag, when he saw me come in he pulled out a Jordan shoe box and he opened it and it had retro 1 Jordans, and then he handed them to me saying “here you go man these are yours”, at first I didn’t know what he was talking about, but then he told his friends to put my book bag somewhere, while he laced my shoes, when they were on I asked him “I don’t understand why are you giving me these”, when he said “I heard people have been bullying you, so I wanted to get you these to make you feel better”, and when he said that I hugged him and I almost cried, and I cannot thank him enough, and then he said “and if anybody bullying you, you let me know alright”, and I said “thank you so much”. #thereareawesomepeopleintheworld”

Photo credit: Tae Moore

Tae’s and Taylor’s classmate took a video of the sweet exchange and also shared it online, and in less than a week it received over 70,000 shares and over 2 million views.

Photo credit: ezt23 / Instagram

Tae’s beautiful heart and act of kindness makes us so proud of our younger generation. When seeing a classmate be bullied for his appearance and for his shoes, he spent his own money to buy him the best pair of shoes one could possibly buy a high school student. Taylor’s self-esteem and self-confidence are in a better state thanks to Tae, and he will likely remember this kind experience for a lifetime.

You are Loved.

See the full video of Tae giving Taylor his brand new shoes here:

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