Kind Woman Invited Stranger Who Was Eating Alone To Join Her, Now They Have Lunch Together Each Week

When a kind woman noticed a stranger eating by herself and looking a little lonely, she invited her to join her table and they’ve been friends ever since.

When entering a restaurant, the kind woman held the door open for the person behind her, and while she was being seated, she noticed that the stranger also sat alone.

“Today I went out for lunch and I saw this elderly lady coming from afar, so I waited to hold the door for her. She was very thankful and sweet. She then told the waitress, “table for one.”‘

After noticing how sweet the stranger had been when she thanked her for holding the door open, the kind woman decided to ask her to join her for lunch.

“So I waited and hesitated but then I walked over and said, “I’m eating by myself too, would you like to have lunch together?”

She happily agreed, and shared how she recently had lost her mom and had been separated from her aunt.

“She was ecstatic! Come to find out she spent the last decade living with her mom who recently passed away, and her aunt who recently was put into a nursing home, so she has been having a hard time being alone. We had a wonderful talk, and she just kept smiling and saying thank you for listening to me, which made me smile too! Her words healed my heart just as much as I healed her lonely one. By far the best decision I’ve made all year!!!”

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The two enjoyed each other’s company so much that they now have lunch together each week.

“Her name is Delores, and we will be having lunch every Thursday from now on.”

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