Kind Builder Brought Regular Lunch And Coffee To Lonely Elderly Man Who Sat Outside By Their Site

When a kind crane operator noticed an elderly man in a wheelchair sitting outside of their construction site watching them each day, he decided to start bringing him coffee, lunch and good conversation.

Shawn Beveridge, a crane operator in Ohio, was working at a new construction site across the street from a nursing home when he noticed a man in a wheelchair sitting outside of their site. Each day at 7am, the man in the wheelchair would roll down to the sidewalk across from the construction site, and watch them work. He seemed captivated by watching the construction team complete their many projects. During cold morning temperatures, the man would still be out there, and when the sun came out and it would get hot later in the afternoon, the man stayed. He would go back to the nursing home for lunch at the same time that the construction workers took their lunches, and then continued to sit outside observing them, rain or shine.

Photo credit: Shawn Beveridge

After several days of noticing the older man in a wheelchair quietly but intently observe them work, Shawn became curious and decided to go and say hello to the man.

“This is my friend Harold!” Shawn wrote in a post online. “Not the guy in the man lift but the one behind him in the wheelchair on the sidewalk. He stays in the nursing home across the street from where we’re building. Since day 1 when I arrived on this job site I’ve noticed him sitting there every morning from 7am. He takes lunch when we do and doesn’t leave until I shut the crane down and head out.”

Photo credit: Shawn Beveridge

“I originally had thought to myself, “he’s just a curious old man and wanting to enjoy his days outside vs being cooped up in his room.” Well after a couple days, I myself got curious, so I walked over and introduced myself to him.”

Photo credit: Shawn Beveridge

Shawn ended up learning that the older gentleman, Harold, used to be a crane operator himself. He has a terminal condition with an uncertain amount of time left to live, but he never thought that he would be able to see someone work with a crane again.

“We had a long conversation, 2 and a half hours worth, but long story short, Harold is nearing the end. His heart valves are clogged and some disease has been eating at him for years. (I don’t know the name of it) and when he was able to work before everything had happened to him health wise he was a crane operator. He said he enjoys seeing what he used to love to do for a living and never thought he’d ever be able to see or be around a crane again and let alone be so close to see one in action.”

Shawn also learned that Harold is basically alone in his life, removed from his family, so Shawn decided to extend his friendship to him.

“He has family, 2 daughters and a son who haven’t seen him for the last 7 years he’s been in a nursing home. So I made Harold an a deal! He originally wanted to be put on payroll ?  as I explained to him that wasn’t possible I quickly came to what I thought was a fair agreement. Our deal is this, Harold ran cranes for over 50 years and no matter how good you think you are at something there’s always more to learn. So I told Harold every day after work I’ll sit with him for a little bit so he can critique me and judge me on how I did for that day (give him something to talk about that he enjoys) while I also get to learn from him, and In return I would bring him a black coffee every morning for as long as I’m here and buy him lunch twice a week from wherever he chooses…”

Photo credit: Shawn Beveridge

Shawn’s kind offer overjoyed Harold, and his response was, “ABSOLUTELY!”

“He didn’t skip a beat before ABSOLUTELY! came out of his mouth ❤️ I guess I’m writing this post because if I would have never walked over to him I would have never gotten to know him. I’m thankful to have the opportunity to make this man’s last days enjoyable, filled with purpose and to be able to help him smile again. I challenge any of you on here to not be like I was in the beginning and don’t be afraid to make someone else’s day better. Always try to enlighten someone’s spirits. When God chooses to take this man home I’m happy knowing that I’ve been placed here at this location to make his days better. I’m happy with that ❤️ “

You are Loved.

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