When A Special Needs Mom Was Struggling, This Kind Woman Showed Why Parents Should Help Each Other

“She had been in there for hours and was trying everything she could think of to get her son out of there. He wasn’t coming down.

I smiled and told her what a good mom she was and I admired her.

True. He wasn’t listening but I could tell he was special needs in the way she spoke to him and he responded. She had so much patience and strength.

Later we tried to get my kids to coax him into leaving. I even suggested to mom we can bribe him with a later play date. With tears in her eyes, she said thank you. She told me most moms look at her like she has a disease.

How heartbreaking.

The next thing we knew other kids in the play area were offering up help.

Kids are amazing.

Eventually she was able to get him out praising him on his good choices.

So next time a mama is struggling… think about it.

Think about what you would want to hear in that instant.

Think of the courage it took.

Think. Then offer kindness. It matters. Every little bit matters.”

Story courtesy of 40 Wishes and Counting

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