Homeless 11-Yr-Old Girl Chooses Kindness After Receiving Bully’s Letter At School

When 11-year-old Brooke Dalton found a letter from a bully in her backpack, rather than letting it get her down, she decided to stay positive and respond with kindness.

Brooke is a 6th grader at Rincon Middle School in Escondido, California, and her family has been in and out of homelessness for close to four years. They’ve lived in motels, in their van, and currently are staying in an RV. After finishing school one day, she found a mean letter from a bully, who seemed to know of their situation, inside of her backpack.

“I felt very upset inside, because we just started the school year. I don’t know why I would get a note like this, it’s not like they know me that much,” Brooke said.

The note called her fat, ugly, another profanity, accused her of having “ebola” and went so far as to say they hoped 11-year-old Brooke died. It was signed, “someone who can afford more than you.”

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“How can people be so cruel to people who haven’t even done anything?” Brooke said. “I just want to ask them, ‘Why did you have to give this to me?’ but I kind of am grateful that they gave it to me because then I can do the right thing with the note and then I can make sure other kids don’t get this note,” said Brooke.

While the note is very cruel and Brooke’s living situation is difficult, she has a lot of love and respect for her mom.

“I thought that was actually very personal because my mom tries super hard to get enough money for us by working; she literally is doing two jobs,” Brooke said.

“We have a lot of our own little personal hardships going on,” shared Brooke’s mother, “that was almost evident, you know, that that person who wrote that letter knew.”

While the letter was at first difficult process, Brooke decided that rather than letting it make her angry, she wanted to instead promote kindness for one another and to help others who may be in a similar situation of being bullied.

On their family van which drops her off at school, Brooke wrote the messages, “Spread Kindness” “I Am Strong” and “Bully Back Off.”

Photo credit: KGTV
Photo credit: KGTV

“No matter how many times I get bullied, I always stay positive, so other people know that they can still stay positive,” Brooke says.

Photo credit: KGTV

The school has taken appropriate action towards the student who wrote the note, and while childhood bullying has been a problem in many schools, it is often discovered that young bullies themselves are often in pain and are bullied or mistreated by parents at home. Speaking with a trained school counselor or a psychologist can be one of the best ways to help a child understand and to grow out of their behavior.

KGTV started a fundraiser for the Dalton family and was able to help raise more than $3,000 to help them with their living situation.

Many hearts online have expressed their support for Brooke.

“Be strong princess you’re much better than that. Anyone who would write a note like that is a VERY VERY small person. Then again they may be screaming out for a friend. Tough being a child these days,” commented Madelyn H.

“The rule in my home is if there’s a child at school that’s lonely, new, or just going through a tough time, to include them at recess and lunch. There’s nothing worse than being bullied and feeling alone. I wish more parents would have talks with their children,” wrote Kathleen M.

“Please stay strong! Oh my heart hurts for this little girl! I too have a daughter that is bullied a lot for different reasons. I wish more was being done with bullying. I’m praying for this young lady,” shared Christina M.

“Your positive attitude will get you through a lot. You’re going to do great little girl! Don’t let anyone bring you down to their level. You’re better than that ?  Bless your heart ❤️ ” commented Claudia C.

You are Loved.

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