5 Surprising Strengths Of People Who Have Been Emotionally Neglected

Emotional neglect involves failing to provide emotional support within relationships, whether they be relationships within families or with a life partner. When one fails to show affection towards another in an important relationship, there can be harmful repercussions.

People sometimes assume that those who have gone through such hardships become somewhat broken inside, yet the reality is that such people often develop into incredibly strong and resilient individuals. This results because they had to go through and grow through so much in their lives.

Those who’ve learned from their hardships tend to be even stronger than those who never went through the transformation of the healing of suffering process.

They are not victims, rather they are exquisite survivors who’ve gained a wealth of emotional intelligence.

Here Are 5 Surprising Strengths Of People Who Have Been Emotionally Neglected:

1. They Are Independent

When you’re emotionally neglected, especially during childhood, you learn to make do on your own. When you grasp that your needs are not being taken care of by other people, you learn to become powerfully self-sufficient. You become immensely independent. This is because you learned it early in life that the only person you could truly rely on is yourself.

2. They Are Incredibly Positive And Resilient

Seems strange, right? You would think someone who has suffered from years of neglect and/or abuse would have no reason to be positive about life. But the truth is, they are quite optimistic about life and everything else.Think about it this way: If they couldn’t have seen the silver lining during their tough times, how would they have survived such terrible times? They have trained themselves to always look for the positive in any situation, and have become incredibly resilient.

3. They Are Empathetic Towards The Pain Of Others

Those who suffered through emotional abuse and neglect are the most empathetic souls. Having suffered abuse first hand, they know exactly how demeaning and traumatic it is. So, when they see anyone else is in pain, they are the first to validate, show empathy and support. They know how hard it is for them, and they certainly don’t want anyone else to suffer alone.

4. They Believe In Giving

They know first-hand that life can have really dark and cold times. They deeply know the importance of love, warmth and of having compassion for others. They take the time and initiative to make sure that they are the ones who spread much needed love in the world. They know how to conjure up warmth when there is not much of it to begin with.

Even though there was no one there when they needed love and comfort, they make sure it’s 100% available to everyone close to them; whether or not they are the same family, gender, age, skin color, come from the same country or hold the same opinions. Providing for those in need is not something these beautiful souls ever question.

5. They Are Quite Adaptable

They learned to handle a lot of painful situations on our own. They developed flexibility and an ability to flow with what life throws at them, in order to survive. They are rarely taken by surprise and always focus on finding the way through. They can adapt to just about any situation in life, and always come out on top.

Have a beautiful rest of your day.

You are loved.

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