A Fast And Easy Way To Shed Pounds: The Japanese Morning Diet

This Japanese Morning Diet Will Help You Shed Those Few Extra Pounds

As soon as Hitoshi Watanabe published the ‘morning banana regimen’ in his book “The morning banana diet”, it became a worldwide hit. Not only is it extremely simple, but it also does not require drastic dietary habit changes. You just have to eat bananas in the morning and drink water. So easy!

Can it be really this simple? Apparently, it is. Hitoshi has tried several ways to lose weight but unfortunately none provided the results he was looking for. Together with his wife Sumiko, a pharmaceutist, he managed to discover one regimen that provided excellent results.

The couple produced a procedure known as the Morning Banana Diet which has helped a vast amount of people finally shed those extra pounds.

According to their method, you should eat a fresh banana and drink a glass of water as soon as you wake up in the morning, and eat nothing until lunch. Bananas are full of resistant starch which actively stimulates the weight loss process. It does not dissolve in the small intestine and goes directly into the large intestine where the fermentation process begins.

It is converted into short-chain fatty acids by bacteria, and thus feeds cells and improves the healthy function of the gastrointestinal tract.

Eat raw bananas only, and after the first one, wait for 20 minutes. If you feel hungry again, eat another one. Drink warm water to stimulate your metabolism!

Hitoshi suggests avoiding milk and alcohol during the diet regimen and recommends that the last meal should be consumed no later than 8 pm. Since sleep deprivation leads to weight loss, make sure you go to bed before midnight.
The effects of this method are due to the beneficial characteristics of bananas, as follows:

• Bananas are rich in potassium, and fiber.
• They are full of nutrients which improve overall health in many ways, thus are considered superfoods.
• They boost metabolism and keep you full therefore reducing food cravings.
• They are a cheap or practical way to lose weight.
• Bananas help reduce cellulites.

Additionally, this regimen will help you maintain good health, energize the body, limit alcohol intake, regulate blood sugar, and boost your metabolism. People who have tried it reported extraordinary results, so why don’t you give it a try?

You are loved.

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