Kind Foster Mom Saw Child Would Not Try On Shoes He Wanted Because Of High Price, So She Bought Them For Him

When a foster child passed by a pair of shoes he wanted while shopping because they were “too expensive”, his kind foster mom noticed, and insisted on buying the expensive shoes for him.

The kind foster mom, D, had two new foster children arrive at her home the night before, and she learned that they hadn’t eaten in three days.

“I received two new placements last night,” D shared in an online post on Real Life Foster Mom. “They showed up filthy & with shoes that didn’t fit. I was told they hadn’t eaten in three days, so I fed them & gave them each extra snacks to take to bed with them.”

D took the children shopping for clothes and shoes, and while looking at the shoes, the 12-year-old seemed interested in a nice pair of Nikes but would keep passing them after looking at the high price tag.

“Today I took them shopping for clothes & shoes. The twelve year old kept passing & touching a pair of Nike’s. I knew he was passing them up because of how expensive they were.”

Understanding what he wanted but likely after years of struggling was not comfortable asking for, D grabbed the Nikes and told him that he should get them.

“I grabbed them & told him that I wanted him to have a really nice pair for school so he should get them.”

Photo credit: Real Life Foster Mom / Facebook

D’s kindness for the young man showed him that he had value, and that he was loved.

“Right there, in the middle of the store, he cried, & then, so did I.”

D is grateful for the beautiful experiences that being a foster mom provides.

“It’s pretty amazing the things we get to experience as foster parents that others don’t get to see.

Thousands of gentle hearts online have been moved by the foster mom’s kindness.

“Thank you for sharing and being good foster parents, I know it meant a lot to that boy ‼️💕” commented Lynn K.

“You are a special blessing to others. This had me crying 😢. Prayers for blessings to continue to surround you,” commented Dianne C.

“As a former foster kid, I know how much that gesture meant! I only had the clothes I wore, and was given a couple sets of second hand clothes and shoes. I never felt important enough for new clothes!” wrote Beverley A.

“I cried just reading it,” wrote Debbie M.

“This is one of my favorite parts of fostering! I just ordered my little guy a backpack for school with his name on it and the look on his face was priceless. He’s been sleeping with it since it came 4 days ago 🥰” commented Cait A.

“You have touched that boy’s life forever,” shared Rachel P.

“I fostered for a few years. I have 2 bio kids and received a 10 year old the week before Christmas. When I asked him what he wanted for Christmas, he looked at me surprised and said, “I’m going to get Christmas too?!” as he could see gifts already wrapped under the tree for my kiddos and the baby I was already fostering as well. He was so excited when he opened his Legos Christmas morning 🙂” shared Jennifer S.

Compassion is showing children who’ve had a difficult life just how valuable and loved they are.

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You are Loved.

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