Can You Pass This Challenging Visual Test? 7 Puzzles; 7 Missing Numbers

Do you know how sharp your eye for detail is? How well can you see small differences in groups of numbers? Can you read the matrix? There is a sense of satisfaction when you figure out the answer to a complicated test. Research also shows that puzzles can help, improve and maintain our mental functioning and help to keep our brains active. Can You Pass This Challenging Visual Test? This number rich puzzle will test your brain’s functioning speed. See how long it takes you to find the missing number in all 7 puzzles. Answers are at the end if you get stuck.

How fast can you find all of the missing numbers?

1. Find the missing number!

2. Spot the missing number!

3. Which number is missing?

4. You’re doing great so far!

You’re halfway there! It may get a little more challenging from here on out, but you’ll persevere and complete it! You can do it! We’re applauding you and you’re not alone. Go on and conquer the rest of the quiz!

5. Find the missing number!

6. Keep going!

7. Can you spot which number is missing?

Did you find all of the correct missing numbers? Then you must have some extraordinary observation skills and attention to small details! Astounding work on this brain puzzle! You completed a challenging quiz and maintained and made your mind just a bit stronger by doing it. The answers are listed below so feel free to check that you got them all right.

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“Numbers constitute the only universal language.”
~Nathanael West

Enjoy your day. You are loved.


#1: 6
#2: 9
#3: 17
#4: 15
#5: 44
#6: 30
#7: 51