Fun Test: The First Picture You See Reveals Your Current Situation

Personality tests are an interesting and exciting way to see what our mind first interprets when viewing an image, and then seeing what it means in relation to our current situations in life.

Look closely at the picture and remember which image you first saw, along with any other details you first notice, then read below to find out what it means about your personality, perception of life and current state of mind:

A Man

If you saw the man’s face first in the picture, it reveals your desire for a romantic partner, and if you already have a partner, it shows your strong connection with them. Seeing the man first represents a draw towards intimacy and also stability. You are often thinking about your ideal partner which is a good thing. If you noticed the man’s face along with his back, it represents how you desire the balance that a relationship can bring to your life.

It’s important to remember that balance starts from within ourselves, from the heart, and that by first developing an inner relationship of self-compassion towards ourselves, we begin to lay the inner foundation we need to create a beautiful and lasting relationship with another. The man in the picture is a symbol that healthy changes in your love life will take place soon.

A Woman

If you first saw the woman in the picture, prepare for some wonderful opportunities to present themselves to you in the near future. The woman in the picture is looking upwards, as are you, maintaining a positive attitude about life and knowing that the best is yet to come.

You have hope in your heart, and you are in touch with your inner self. The ability to be in touch with one’s innermost being in the heart while going about our daily lives is a powerful mix of light, love and presence, all of which are working together in your favor. This aura of confidence, restedness and certainty will attract to you what you need most. When you’re able to stay in your heart and in the love that opens from within it, you will begin to notice profound and unexpected beauty in even the simplest of things. Even the most mundane can contain treasure in your presence. Those around you begin to notice this energy too, and themselves feel unexpectedly beautiful when around you. Keep an open mind to the new opportunities that present themselves to you, and if they resonate within your heart in a soft an gentle way, then they are meant for you.

If you noticed the woman along with her hand, it means that you are welcoming growth and positive change in your life. You are warmly accepting of your current situation, which enables you to see it for what it is, and to learn what you need for your next step in life. Life’s grandest teachings tend to happen when we let go, so while your drive is strong, let go a little at times and pay attention to the inspirations you receive at these times.

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There is an ancient story of a couple who both looked at the same picture one day: The wife said, “What a lovely painting of a woman.” To this the husband replied, “This is not a painting of a woman, it’s a painting of a man.” They both began to argue about if the painting was of a woman or if it was of a man. The arguing began to escalate, until they became angry with each other. They could not agree with each other, because they both saw different things within the painting, and both of them were true.

This often happens in our daily lives in our relationships with others. Everyone has their own perceptions, based on their unique perspectives, upbringings, emotions and what they have been taught in the past. Sometimes two people can look at the same object, yet interpret it completely differently. Some might look at a bowl and see a bowl, some might see trillions of atoms that makeup the bowl, some might see paint, some might see clay. Is it correct then to both argue about which one is right? Is it best to impose our own interpretation onto others? The reality is that both the wife and the husband were correct and right in what they saw, and that deep love chooses to listen to, and to respect what the other sees. Love realizes what the heart knows: being kind is more important that being right.


Did any of this resonate with you?

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You are beautiful and you are loved.