Fun Test: Pick A Gem And See What It Says About Your True Personality

People have believed in the power of stones for a very long time. They come from deep within the earth, and symbolize a connection to nature. Some people claim that gems and crystals emit certain types of energy, and that this energy affects us in different ways.

The gem you’re attracted to may reveal something interesting about your personality, give this fun personality test a try and see what it says about you.

Pick A Gem And See What It Says About Your True Personality

You Have A Humble Heart

You are a dignified and spiritual person with a deep sense of confidence. Peace is the energy that you are drawn to, and while you may not know it, people admire how humble and kind you are. You’re also a very open-minded person, and always understand that there are two sides to every story. Your flexible and intelligent mind allows you to connect with a wide range of people with different world views in your life.

You Are Passionate

Your personality is passionate, intense, and filled with life. You have a clear understanding of what your heart wants, and your purpose in life is a very beautiful and noble cause. You give less importance to material possessions and value love above all else. Your strong drive allows you to achieve whatever you focus on and persist in pursuing. When you listen to your heart and act from it, the world is yours.

You Are Calm

You have a calm, reflective soul. You value quiet moments and serenity in life. You’ve learned that happiness exists in the present moment, rather than an imagined idea of the future or past, and you use your time wisely. Rather than overthinking, stressing or worrying, you work hard to keep a relaxed and peaceful mind. One of your greatest strengths is emotional intelligence; something everyone needs more of and could learn a great deal from you about.

You Are Creative

A positive minded, creative spirit with a true zest for life. You display a great deal of curiosity in various areas of life, and are always seeking the deeper meaning of life. While your interests can seem a bit ‘all over the place,’ you’ve amassed a wealth of knowledge that allows you to be a semi-expert in numerous fields. Your naturally charismatic and have a keen sense of humor, and likely have a large amount of people who like you in your life.

You Are Strong-Willed.

You are strong-willed, determined, and a health level of self-esteem. Your loyalty knows no bounds and you will stick by the people you care about through thick and thin. You highly value honesty, and never try to hurt someone you love intentionally. Your reason is one of your strengths, and you’ve built your opinions on sound research that leads others who speak with you to naturally respect you. You’re a born leader, and when you lead from the heart, you cause brilliant things to happen.

You Are Compassionate

You are a gentle, caring, sensitive, and compassionate soul. Your level of understanding and empathy are second to none. You’ve learned to be kind to and to be compassionate towards yourself, which has made you a powerhouse of love that always extends a hand to help those around you. You often can feel the feelings of others, and when they are suffering, you go so far as to give the shirt off your back and the shoes off your feet to help them. While you don’t desire positions of authority in life, the world needs more people like you making important decisions within society. Consider finding like-minded individuals and work towards achieving one of your beautiful goals to help others.

Have a beautiful day.

You are a one-of-a-kind gem and you are loved.