A Fifth Grade Teacher Found This Thoughtful Thank You Note From His Student; Thousands Have Been Moved To Tears By It

Teachers often fill many roles in a child’s life; from mentor, to father or mother figure, friend, role model, counselor, tutor, or friend. While their lessons are focused on textbooks, they often connect with students in deeper ways of compassion and love.

When a teacher in Atlanta known as Mr. J. walked into his classroom one day, he found a handwritten thank you note on his desk from his student, Markus. He teared up while reading the note, and shared a picture of it saying “This is too much… I can’t stop the tears.”:

“So I walked in the classroom and found this letter on the desk that one of my kids wrote me and…I tried so hard not to tear up.” Mr. J. wrote.

“The note reads;

‘To Mr. J,

Thank you for being a awesome teacher and for being amazing! This school year was so fun and I enjoyed it because of you. I wish more teachers was like you. I will never forget you. I look at you like my dad. I never met my real dad but it ok because you treat me like I’m your son. You make me so happy. Always feeding me when I am hungry and hug me when I am sad. I will never forget you Mr. J. I love you and I will never forget about you.

Love Markus’”

Photo credit: Mainey_maine

User Mainey_maine shared the letter online, and it was reshared more than 100,000 times by people who appreciated not only the letter from Markus, but by the lasting impact of kindness Mr. J. had on his student.

He gave food to Markus when he was hungry, he comforted him when he was struggling and sad, and he taught him in a way that valued unconditional love and human connection more than strict or fear-based discipline.

Other teachers, parents and appreciative readers shared their thoughts:

“One of the reasons we teach – sure isn’t the $” Cythia wrote.

“Bless you for having that kind of an impact on a child! More people need to see this as an example,” Carly shared.

“Congratulations—teaching is a calling and a gift. You have it,” Dana commented.

“Oh my heart. The world needs more Mr. Js! It takes just 1 person to show someone that they are loved unconditionally and that the sky is NOT the limit! My guess is Mr. J was probably just doing what he would tell you was ‘his job’ and had no idea what an impact he would leave. This is just 1 child, I bet there are so many others he touched. The world is beautiful if you seek the beauty out! ❤” Emily wrote.

“There is a saying that says, “You give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” This is what you have done for Markus, Mr. J. You have have taught him what true love is. Now he will grow up expressing to others what he felt from you. You have invested in Markus so that he can also invest in his community. Thank you a thousand times. For every child you take the time to invest in, I pray that God will reward your effort a hundred fold. May this circle never end. God bless you Mr. J.” wrote Jacquelin.

Mr. J.’s kindness shall surely never be forgotten.

You are Loved.

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