Faith In Humanity Restored: Kind Neighbors Offer Free Warm Drinks To Drivers Stuck In Snowstorm Traffic

During a blizzard, a drive which normally took 25 minutes had people waiting over 7 hours, and that’s when the kindness of some nearby neighbors warmed the hearts of those stuck in traffic.

Driving home during a heavy snow can be stressful, as drivers need to be extra careful of slippery and icy roads and of low visibility. Heaters are usually turned up, and running out of gas can be a concern when the delays are upwards of 5 hours. While most people leave work around 5pm, having to wait 7 hours to get home due to snow means that many were arriving to their houses after midnight. This is when the kindness of strangers is all the more appreciated and needed.

One of the drivers stuck in traffic, YeOldeEnglishKnave posted this picture on reddit of group of local neighbors going in and out of their homes with hot tea and hot coffee on trays and delivering them to the people waiting in their cars. He wrote of the experience;

“Had 10 inches of snow last night. Been stuck in traffic for 7 hours on a drive which usually takes 25 minutes. These kind people who live nearby are offering free tea or coffee to the drivers. Faith in humanity restored!”


The man in the photo appears to be without gloves, surely with cold hands, but he felt it was more important to serve warm drinks to those who were stuck in their cars than to keep himself warm in his nearby home.

“Happiness… consists in giving, and in serving others.”
~Henry Drummond.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

This beautiful act of compassion was reason enough for one driver to share his gratitude openly on social media, and rather than having a cold and difficult night stuck in traffic, he has a heartwarming experience to remember.

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