Keanu Reeves Gave His Seat On A Busy Subway To A Woman Who Was Standing

While riding on a busy subway by himself, Keanu Reeves kindly offered and gave his seat to a woman who was standing nearby.

Keanu was riding the New York Subway, and while he was seated, a large number of passengers got on the train.

Photo credit: YouTube

He noticed a woman near him who had to stand because there were no available seats, so he asked her if she’d like to sit down.

Photo credit: YouTube
Photo credit: YouTube

Keanu, being the gentleman he is, then stood up from his seat and let the woman sit there.

Photo credit: YouTube

Millions of hearts online have appreciated Keanu’s kindness and courtesy towards a stranger.

“He’s just an absolute treasure. I strive to be as kind and genuine as him,” wrote one grateful heart.

“Dudes worth millions and he takes the subway, not limousine, and even gives up his seat. Respect,” commented morethan3756.

“I met him at a beach in Celebra 2 years ago. Didn’t want to bother him though. He noticed me looking and waved at me. Had a good chat about life. Good soul indeed,” wrote Andre N.

Watch this heartwarming video of Keanu offering his seat to a stranger on the subway:

You are Loved.

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