Kind Dad Inspired Son To Practice Kindness By Asking ‘Who Did You Help Today?’ Instead Of ‘How Was School?’

A kind dad is inspiring his son to be kind to others at school by asking him a simple question each day.

Vala Afshar has a 13-year-old son, and each day rather than asking him how his day was, he began asking him, ‘Who did you help today?’

“I started asking my 13 year old son ‘who did you help today?’ instead of asking ‘how was school?’” Vala shared in a post online.

Photo credit: Vala Afshar

Inspired by his dad’s question, his son now tries to help someone at his school each day.

“He now starts his stories with ‘I held the door’, ‘helped a friend with math’, or ‘asked someone to sit with us at lunch’.”

His son now enjoys helping others, and is happy to share with his dad his good news each and every school day.

“He now proactively shares how he was helpful at school.”

If you have a child attending school, consider asking them who they helped during the day, and you just might plant a seed of kindness in them.

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