Kind College Student Regularly Leaves Extra Quarters In Public Laundromat Machines For The Next Person

After having difficulty finding enough quarters to regularly use the laundry machine at school, a kind college student began making sure he had enough for both himself and the next person who used the machine.

The kind student always leaves the laundry machine’s coin tray filled with quarters, so that for the next person, rather than having to worry about finding quarters, they will get their laundry washed for free.

“I am a college student and finding quarters for doing laundry is always a pain,” the college student who goes by blackcoffee_91 shared in a post online.

“So every time I wash a load, I leave some quarters in the washer so the next guy who comes along gets a free load. I know it’s a really really small thing (only 75 cents) but maybe someone’s day is made a little better because of the convenience.”

Many hearts online have appreciated the college student’s kindness and thoughtfulness for others.

“I have done this before, and as a matter of fact I will do this again today :)” wrote one grateful heart.

“When I was a kid, my dad always checked phones and soda machines, anything that gave back coins, hoping to find change, so when I go past a kid’s bubble gum machine, I put quarters in them so the kids can find them and be rewarded…” another shared.

“I refill large containers each week at a water dispenser in town. I always leave a quarter after I am done. I have had 2 people at 2 different times stop me and tell me I left a quarter. I tell them that I meant to. They laugh and thank me. It just feels good,” shared another.

You are Loved.

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