Kind Employee Kept Bakery Open By Herself After Owner Had Health Issues To Help Pay Medical Bills

When Linda Andlinger, the owner of the Bread & Chocolate bakery in Concord, NH, had a medical emergency and was sent to the ICU, her husband told their employees that they might close for a week or more because he was unable to work and needed to be with his wife in the hospital. Rather than letting the beloved Concord bakery close for weeks, after it had already been struggling during the pandemic, employee Krystina Hill made it her mission to bake the rest of the inventory that they had rather than letting it go to waste, and sold it to help pay for Linda’s medical costs.

“I am reaching out to the Concord community on behalf of my bosses, Franz and Linda Andlinger,” Krystina wrote. “Franz and Linda have owned Bread & Chocolate on S. Main St for about 16 years (with several other locations in the community before that). They have supported our community for decades and need our support now. Early this morning, Linda suffered a medical emergency, which has placed her in the ICU in critical condition. Franz called me early this morning and at first asked me to close the business for the week, but after speaking with him and his family, I decided to open Wednesday morning at 8 o’clock with all the fresh inventory I have, in hopes to sell it all so that they had some profit for the week.”

Many businesses, including Bread & Chocolate, have struggled during the pandemic.

“As we all know, businesses have suffered over the last year, small businesses in particular, and we are no exception,” Krystina said. “But Franz is very proud in the kindest way and has not asked for extra help from the community… But this week, we find ourselves in a position to have to close, and with Linda’s uncertain condition, it leaves the business and their personal lives in complete unknown territory right now.”

Krystina expressed that she will do all that she can to help, and asked her community to help support if they are able.

“So I want to help in the best way I know possible, and that is taking care of their livelihood in every way I know how. So tomorrow I will be opening to sell until we run out of everything I have available.”

“I truly Appreciate the dozens of emails and responses to our prayer requests tonight.”

“I truly, truly am so grateful to the community for your outpouring of love and support for this very special family. It means more to me and them than you will ever know.”

“Above all please continue to pray for Linda and her family. For even in our darkest times, God is still good.”

Pamela Walsh read Krystina’s post online and came to support the bakery. When she arrived, her heart was warmed as she saw that a large line of her neighbors had all come to buy everything they could from the bakery.

“In my town, there is a local bakery that has been in business for over 16 years,” Pamela shared. “Yesterday, an employee who works there posted to facebook stating that the owner had asked her to close for the week as his wife had a medical emergency and was in the ICU. She instead made it her mission to bake the rest of the inventory and sell it off to help with the medical costs. This was the line the next morning. They sold out before noon. I love seeing my local community come together like this.”

Those in line were all happy to help.

“I lived here my whole life, and I’ve been going there for about that long,” said David. “My parents used to bring me here, and now I’m grown and now I bring my kids here. It’s just part of Concord.”

“My mom’s got a whole list of stuff that I’m supposed to bring to her,” said Claire.

“I’m going to support them anyway I can, let them know how much they mean to the community,” shared Nancy.

Thanks to the kindness of their community, the bakery sold its entire inventory by noon, and Krystina also organized a fundraiser for Linda and Franz which has raised more than $18,000 to help them with their medical costs and to keep the bakery running.

Neighbors coming together to help one another, like in Concord, is what compassion is all about.

You are Loved.

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